Thursday, January 5, 2017

{ A Thrifty Thursday Tutorial }

If you know me well, then you know that one of my favorite items of clothing is a skirt.  
I have an eclectic taste in fashion and actually don't care one bit if what I wear isn't "in style".  
I just like what I like and go with it!  

And, y'all know that  I thrift stores!

So, I wanted to show you how I'm going to fix a way too small skirt that I recently found for $3.00 (that was with my 25% off Senior Citizen discount.....oh, the sweet perks of getting old(er)!!!).....
by cutting pieces from a $1.00 pair of black jeans. 
I can use the rest of the jeans for patches when Pappy tears holes in his jeans 
(yes, I patch, I don't throw away).....
or, they were so cute I'm thinking of making a purse out of the top part of the jeans. 
 If that happens I'll share that little tutorial with y'all, too!

Here's the skirt.....

It's a sort of eyelet and yes, all of those little "teardrops" are actually holes, 
but I'll have on a black slip underneath.
Am I the only person who still wears half slips?
Can you even still buy half slips?

Have you noticed that I'm like a squirrel and my train of thought just trails off?!?

Okay, back to topic.

First of all.....
since I'll be wearing a slip underneath I cut out the lining which only went part way down anyway and I'd much rather have on my longer slip. This particular skirt has a zipper and no waistband which is going to make the fix much easier.  I then cut each side seam part way down and stretched it apart until I had a "V" shape where the piece of black denim was then pinned. Look at how much room this is going to give me in the waist area. I haven't sewn it together yet, hence the pens, but I'm just going to sew it on the outside because I'll be wearing a really cute crocheted shell (a yard sale find) underneath and a black denim jacket that will go with this skirt just perfectly!

Do any of you sew?
I'd love to hear your tips on how you do repairs or mending or refashion thrift store finds to fit.

HOPE everybody has a wonderful day.....
don't forget that tomorrow is our first FFF for 2017 so be getting your pics ready to share!


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaa the photos aren't showing up...can you believe, hubby does all the mending and sewing...the Marines taught him well, wink. Have a beautiful day, friend...hey, where did you get the cute last graphic from?

  2. Such a good idea! I have two half slips and wonder if I'll be able to replace them when they wear out! The ensemble you describe sounds so cute! It is good to be thrifty and yes, that senior discount comes in handy! Have a blessed day.

  3. Cute! I don't sew anymore.....used to years ago.......I like that you dress for you! Im not quite that brave yet....still worry about style and how this round body looks in skirts. :)

  4. You are such a clever lady, Ms. Deb! Sewing is surely one of your many gifts that the Lord has blessed you with. I sew, but just enough to get by. If you do decide to make a purse from the remainder of the jeans I would love to see a picture. A lady in our church made the cutest bags for two of the little girls who attend there also. They are adorable.

    Oh...and yes, they do still make half slips. I've found them at Walmart. I was surprised the first time I found them there because it seems as very few women wear slips (half or otherwise) anymore. I wear a slip, even when the garment is lined. It was part of the way I was raised...a lady always wears the proper undergarments. :)

  5. What a great idea! I just can't imagine things....but I'm a great copy cat!! I'm not a fan of the current styles...I just wear my jeans and a blouse. Does anyone wear blouses anymore? I think they're in the same category with slips!! Have a great day. Love ya!

  6. Looks good, Deb. I love eyelet. I haven't sewed in years, probably forgot how. I do still have my sewing machine, somewhere in the bottom of my closet.

  7. Well, I can't wait to see the finished skirt! You are very creative to even think of that, let alone to get it done! I used to sew a good bit, but don't really have a place to get my machine out and leave it. When I retire and we are in a new home....who knows!

  8. Nice, Deb...hey...I just realized, we have the same outfit on in our avatars, giggling...great minds. smiles

  9. What a great idea! CAn't wait to see the finished skirt...and the purse idea sounds really cute. I used to sew, and thought I would start again now that I am retired, but haven't quite got around to it yet. But your ideas inspire me to start thinking about it again at least! I don't wear many skirts anymore. Our "church" right now is a Home Bible Study in our home. My husband is a retired preacher, and when we started having his mother here on the weekends it was hard to go to church. Some of our neighbors/friends were also in between churches and so we started this home study...anyway, that being said, I usually wear slacks and a nice top for our service rather than a dress or skirt. And since I don't work or go anywhere fancy, my new jeans pretty well take care of all the rest! LOL!!!

  10. 'I love your ideas on refurbishing and love this skirt. For a while slips were scarce and I couldn't find one anywhere but I know Walmart has them and I think Kmart too. I used to sew and loved it but have not done it in years.


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