Monday, March 6, 2017

{ Deliberately Grateful }

At the first of this year, a sweet friend at church, whom I have grown to dearly love, tagged me on Facebook to post something each day of this year that we're thankful for.  It's called "The Gratitude Project".  This has helped me so much to find things throughout my day to be deliberately thankful for, even on those days when I just truthfully don't feel like being grateful (because we all have pity party days, right?)!

  Like today.....
washing dishes isn't my favorite chore to do.  
I went outside and picked some flowers from the yard and each one was a reminder of where they came from.....
Jack dug up the daffodils from my Mamaw's yard out where the old home place used to stand. 
Grape hyacinths were planted years ago and have spread like crazy (want some bulbs?).
The larger pink and purple hyacinths came out of a spring garden basket that Pappy sent me many years ago for our anniversary.
The mug was a gift from Pappy.....
stained glass cardinal and the "bless our home" were  both gifts from my "sister".

See what sweet memories just picking those  flowers and placing them in the window brought to mind?

Here's what I wrote for my gratitude today.....

Day 65 of 365, the GRATITUDE project - Beautiful flowers in the kitchen window.... where I stand and do the menial chore of washing dishes. Thank you, Lord, for dirty dishes which means You've provided food for us to eat.... a home to live in, hot and cold water that pours out of a faucet....all those things I tend to take for granted every day.
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What about you?

What are you deliberately grateful for today?

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  1. You! Deliberately grateful for YOU! Thank you for the reminder to be thankful every day! I don't always state what I am thankful for, but it helps me to think about it and count my blessings. Love the flowers and the special memories attached to them and each of the things you mentioned. Love it when our flowers and plants, etc., have special memories because of the loved ones they remind us of. I am way too sentimental sometimes, but it does give us a warm, fuzzy, lovely feeling to know that we are loved and that others are being remembered by us who loved us too. Have a blessed day my friend. Glad you are still posting... :)

  2. I am grateful for Christian ladies that love the Lord Jesus and is not ashamed to post about Him! Blog post like yours today touches me and inspires me to think about these things instead of feeling down and self pity. I do try not to have a "pity party" for I am so blessed when others are in a worse condition than I am. Thanks for making my afternoon blessed!

  3. I am grateful that the Lord allowed me to wake up this morning; I am grateful that our new stove was delivered early instead of late, so we could cook supper, and am so grateful that God sent His Son to save me, a sinner, from Hell.

  4. I have enjoyed each day of your Gratitude Project post. When I read them I find myself searching my life for things to be thankful for. It doesn't take long to see the many blessings God has given, they are everywhere!! I am thankful for you dear lady, you are an inspiration!!

  5. I am so glad that your friend tagged you for that challenge, Debbie. Being on the hunt for His gifts...many of which I take for granted...makes such a difference for me. That is why I always list some at the end of my blog posts. He provides so much and sends so many special I love You's my way. Thank you for sharing about your friend challenging you.

  6. I am grateful for you my friend! Especially after I bothered you while you were at the eye dr. to ask for help with colors for my little room! Ha! Ha! Love you Deb. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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