Tuesday, June 6, 2017

{ Holy Spirit Chills }

On August 31, 2009, I wrote a blog post entitled "Holy Spirit Chills".
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Almost 8 years later, I'm still receiving comments on it and it has been viewed over 17,000 times.  I was blown away when I saw that number.  If you Google those words, my blog post will even be listed first. What made me think about the post was a comment that I received just yesterday.  If you go to the post, you can read that comment and several others.  

PLEASE know that I'm not sharing this to brag.....
well, not on myself anyway but to give God all the  glory.  It's just that when we post on our blogs, we never know who will read it because I have readers from all over the globe, according to my Stat counter and blogging friends that I've made from other countries.  We just don't realize what an impact we might have on somebody when we try to honor the Lord with what we write.  And, if another person  takes the time to read this lady's comment, to see how transparent she was with how she's lived in the past and what Jesus is doing in her life now, oh, what an impact that could have on their life, too!

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Ain't God good, Y'all?

Oh, yes HE is!


  1. Ohhhhhh yes...HE is good...smiles...have a lovely day friend and thank you for bringing smiles.

  2. The post was awesome. And to know you have witnessed to 17,000 people is wonderful. If one, just one, came to know Christ because of this post is such a blessing.

  3. I had not read your post before, but just did, and I have experienced those chills before. I love it when God does speak to me that way.

  4. I read once that most books that are considered successful sell just 7,000-11,000 copies. Your blog post blows those numbers away. Amazing what God can use to reach people. I think we've never had a time like this of opportunity to talk to the whole world.

  5. Yes, God is Good, all the time! I will go over and read your blog, since I've only been blogging since 2012 I haven't read it.
    That's the reason I started blogging, to be a witness and like you said, you never know who's reading it and how they will react.
    I pray always that someone will get a blessing from it.
    WOW 17,000 views, that's great.

  6. Oh YES He is!! All the time good!! We never know what impact our words will have on another...such a good reason to bathe each post in prayer for those who will read it. That impact could go on for many years to come, just like your 2009 post. (I need to go read it now too!) It may become a lasting legacy that speaks truth to a future generation. Praise God for this blessing and gift!!! May we be faithful to use it wisely always. Amen!

  7. How absolutely beautiful. You have a true ministry with a huge congregation!!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24