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Saturday, July 22, 2017

{ Roy Orbison }

Some trivial info about me....
I  Mr. Roy Orbison's music!

HOPE your Saturday is full of sweet blessings!


  1. I too, enjoyed his songs. Happy Saturday!

  2. Oh, I do too!! There is no one quite like Roy Orbison, "Pretty Woman!" :)

  3. Oh greattttttttttttttttttttttttt......I'm singing now. lololol Have a great day friend. smiles

  4. Hope you enjoy your Saturday! Keep singing to your favorite songs by Roy Orbison!

  5. One of the greats!! Snapping my fingers and dancing in my chair!! lol

  6. Hi Debbie; He was always a favorite of mine. My kids years ago thought he was blind because of the dark glasses but of course he wasn't. Pretty Woman was one of my favorites and I just know this will be sticking in my head and I'll be singing it all day. LOL! Have a day of blessings my friend.

  7. Yes, a great talent we lost too soon!

  8. Love Ray Orbison too! I bookmarked that YouTube link to play later. Thanks!


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