Monday, August 21, 2017

{ Total Eclipse }

Unless you live in a bubble (which I feel like I do at times), you've had to heard about this little thing happening today.....

yeah, the total eclipse!

 Tennessee just happens to be one of the areas of totality.   Our neck of the woods is supposed to be 99.5%, but "down the country" in Sweetwater it's 100% and that little town has been bombarded with folks, even people traveling from other states and countries!

My HOPE is that we all realize Who is the One in charge of this astronomical event.

  I wanted everybody to know that I have my eclipse glasses so my eyesight won't be harmed looking at the sun, so I'm all set.....

.....and I can't get the words to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" out of my head!

Happy Eclipse Day, Y'all!!!


  1. Here in western NY, we will get 50-75% totality. No worries, Lord willing, the next one in 2024 we will get 100%. Have a great day and enjoy. smiles

  2. Enjoy the eclipse. Should be there pretty soon now. I hear thunder here, so we may not be able to see anything. It's kind of cloudy. I'm watching on TV. Love the Deut. verse you posted. That's a good one. Thank you! Love your eclipse glasses! Perfect!!

  3. It was truly amazing. It was a clear, blue sky day and we watched the whole time. I sat there, watching, and thanked God for giving us this special event.

  4. Not much to see here in western Md. Just a dimming of the sun a bit.

  5. Hope you got to see it in all its glory. Here in central Florida it just got a little dusky - like it was around 8:00 pm. We barely noticed it. I have seen some amazing photos though!

  6. I missed it but had no glasses to see it anyway.
    Hope you enjoyed it!

  7. Did you see it?

    It just looked eerie here, but didn't get completely dark. We saw a crescent on paper and under tree leaves.


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