Friday, December 8, 2017

{ Friday Foto Friends #108 }

I thought I'd share a few of our CHRISTmas decorations with Y'all and tell you some of the stories behind them.  

I bought this nativity set from a lady I worked with the first year Pappy and I was married and this is our 42nd CHRISTmas together. The stable is what has such a precious meaning. Pappy and my sweet Daddy built it together. Many times I've thought about buying a smaller one but I just can't make myself not use this one.
(since I took this picture I've moved the star to the top because I couldn't see the angel)

My owl tree.
I told Pappy that might not be very "religious" but God made owls, right?  I enjoy it most in the night and early mornings when I can't sleep and I have it all to myself.

Owls and burlap and snowflakes, oh my!

This, Y'all, is one of my favorites.
Pappy and our girl made these little nativities one CHRISTmas and gave them as gifts.....
and, Momma (me) didn't get one.  When my mother-in-law passed away and her things were divided among her children I was given this because Jess and Pappy had made it. I think it's just the sweetest! The Jesus ornament came from Dollar General several years ago.

A little bit of happy over the kitchen table.

An angel of HOPE from my girl.

Stockings I made for our grand-kiddos a few years ago.

Our front door lit up at night.

This is probably more wintery than Christmasy!
I made the pillow several years ago out of a placemat.....

HOPE everybody is enjoying this very special CHRISTmas season when we celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR!!!

Happy Friday, Everybody.....
HOPE you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Beautiful CHRISTmas decorations Debbie. I loved every photo. Have a blessed day and weekend :)

  2. Beautiful Christmas decorations and memories too! I love your tree and your front door is so pretty and welcoming!
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. I love the Christmas glow at your house :-)

  4. I'm moving in, Deb!!! {{{giggling}} --Love it! Every time I see an owl, I think of you, my friend. Have a beautiful and joyous day. smiles

  5. What beautiful Christmas decorations! I love Nativity scenes and would like to have more, but finding places for them is the trick. The ones I do have are sentimental and special.

  6. I love your owl tree :-)

  7. I love your decorations. The nativity is beautiful and I love your front door too. So gorgeous. I also like the owl tree. Everything is so pretty.

  8. I LOVE all that you showed us, especially the little homemade Nativity. Precious and precious memories.

  9. Your tree is wonderful! And your outside decorations are so warm and welcoming. Lovely home. Just lovely.

  10. Everything looks so nice at your place. I really like the 4 stockings you made.

  11. Your home warm and inviting and I love the owls!

  12. I'm glad I saw this post. My niece had surgery this year and hasn't gotten to decorate as she usually does and when I was talking to her she said next year she is having an owl tree! I had never thought about owl Christmas tree decorations but I am going to show her your post and tell her that it is possible. She has everyone searching around for owls for her tree now. I hope you have a very Blessed and wonderful Christmas.


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