Saturday, April 7, 2018

{ April }

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Oh, April how do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways! 

I know I'm almost a week late recognizing one of my most favorite months of the year, but I just couldn't let another day go by without giving it the love it deserves! 

Just a few reasons why I love this month.....

*Easter - the most blessed day of celebration for the Christian

*The month my precious Daddy was born, although it was on Friday the 13th and I jokingly told him I was his bad luck - I sure hope he knew what an incredible blessing he was in my life 

*The month I became a wife and we'll celebrate our 41st anniversary in just a few weeks.

Yes, I adore April.  It's such a welcome relief after the long, cold, gray days of winter. With it comes spring rains and green grass and budding plants, dogwood blossoms and wisteria blooms and purple clematis on a rusty trellis and creeping phlox and azaleas bursting with beautiful colors. 

April to me brings with it another of my favorite things.....




  1. Beautiful Happy anniversary.

  2. Wow, 41 years of being married...smiles...don't see that much anymore. Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you have a lovely day, friend. smiles

  3. Wow! No WONDER April is a special month to you.
    Happy Anniversary in advance ♥

  4. April is a beautiful month and I can see why it's so special to you. Hope the entire month brings you happiness and blessings. Happy Anniversary in a few weeks!!

  5. April is a lovely month here too! Our new greens and blooms begin at the end of February but in April it is still perfect weather and no humidity yet. Happy weekend!!

  6. Love your exuberance over the month of April! I can see why! It is a lovely month...I'm sure especially where you live. We are kind of between spring and summer here in Florida...and in need of more rain. Got a little shower last night, but not nearly enough. But so thankful for every bit we get. Yes, April is a lovely month. Flowers are blooming, trees are getting their leaves, and birds are singing at the top of their lungs (and top of the trees too!) Lovely post today. Thank you.


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