Friday, May 25, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #131 }

It's good to be back hosting our Friday Foto Friends Link-Up! Again, thank you for letting me take a little break. I mentioned yesterday that I'll be having a giveaway because of a blog anniversary, but I'm gonna wait and share that on Monday!

I took these fotos of the baby robins on Saturday before Mother's Day. Late in the evening on Mother's Day, I told Pappy that I needed to go check on "my" babies and they were gone! There was barely enough room to hold the four little birdies!  

And, here's Momma (or Daddy, I'm not sure) making sure I don't do any harm to their kiddos.....

It's just amazing that a bird can create this.....

Not the clearest foto but here's one of the hawk before her babies flew away.....  

A blackbird taking a bath..... 

The wisteria blossoms didn't last very long before the heat got to the blooms.....

I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've had double red hot pokers and there were two like this.
Doesn't it look like a "red hot" heart?

An extreme close-up of a clematis!

Have a great weekend, Sweet Friends!

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  1. Lovely photos of the flowers and the birds. The photo of the blackbird taking a bath is just wonderful with all the droplets flying in the air. You take great photos.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Beautiful photos Debbie. I especially like the closeup of the clematis. Have a day of blessings dear friend.

  4. wow!!! Your little break last week led to some amazing photos this week!! Thank you for sharing these with us. I loved them really got some great closeups!! And welcome back from your little break. We missed you, but we carried on because we all love getting together each week!! Praying your Memorial Day weekend will be filled with times of blessing and sweet reflection. Thank you for being here.

  5. Beautiful. My post will be up later, I have to actually walk outside to take photos as I'm still in my pj's. tmi. LOLOL.

  6. These little creatures are lovely and so surprising! Very beautiful pictures and thank you for sending us virtual flowers that will brighten up our weekend!

  7. Love, love, love the birds in the next and how beautiful is that nest!!! Mama hawk is pretty cool too. Last night for the first time we saw some hummingbirds at our feeder. I tried to get a picture and did finally get two but they weren't very good. Hopefully, they'll be back a lot and I can get some good pictures. I really like clematis, in fact I stopped and took a picture of a neighbor's this morning while walking. Maybe I'll show it next week.

    Thank you so much for doing Friday Foto Friends and letting me join in. I enjoy it so much. Hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend.

  8. Love the photo's. I have a bird nest on my front porch, not sure if there's eggs in it yet, maybe. It's up on top of the column. If I can I will try to get a photo for next week.

  9. People asked so I updated by Friday Fotos with a photo of the Prom Dress.
    Also got to see your birds again, always a lovely thing to do :)

  10. I posted but just got to my computer LATE!! Nice to have you back!! The birds and flowers are pretty amazing. Beautiful!

  11. I always love looking at your Friday photos!


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