Wednesday, May 30, 2018

{ Wednesday's Word - Wait }

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stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens

My Mom had a 10:00 appointment yesterday and we were told to arrive at 9:30.  I'm not sure why the 30 minutes earlier requirement unless it's just in case the doctor is running ahead but does that ever even happen with doctors?  So, we check in at 9:20 because I'm ALWAYS early.  We were finally called back at around 11:00.  The doctor came in the exam room about 11:25 and we were finally headed to the car at close to noon.


That's just about the longest I've ever waited at the doctor's office. In his defense, he had an emergency surgery earlier in the morning and besides that, he's an awesome doctor!

But, guess what?

Neither of us got too upset.
Oh, I did get a bit antsy and kinda paced the exam room because I don't do well just sitting. I wonder if they noticed how clean and tidy the table where the sink is located was, magazines all stacked neatly, placards for items to purchase lined up tallest to shortest, and the pictures on the wall no longer crooked!

Okay, I'll stop right there because this is all about waiting, not being OCD!

Do you mind waiting?
For me, it depends on what the wait is for.
Like a little kid waiting for Christmas, I can sometimes get quite impatient.  The most frustrating form of waiting is when you receive info late on a Friday afternoon and have to wait until Monday to get the matter resolved!

But, do you agree that the worst form of waiting can often be when we're waiting on the Lord to answer a prayer, to change a situation, to intervene, to take away our grief and pain? 

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Guess what?
He's right there in the waiting!
He's working it all out for the absolute best for us, even when we don't see that.

And, how do I know this?

Experience, Y'All!

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HOPE your Wednesday is wonderfully blessed!

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  1. Like you it depends on the situation. I have waited on my (xdoctor) for over 2 hours in the exam room. There was a lot of praying going on that day for me to "wait". I have had plenty of experience also. Lessons in life,right?

    1. Yes, life lessons.... and I'm sure to teach us, but I don't know that I always learn! ☺

  2. I don't like waiting, unless they tell me why I'm waiting. My time is just as important as theirs and my wait limit is 15 minutes, that goes for anything, such as classes (a professor is 15 min. late--I'm outta there, we are expected to be on time, so are you, my way of thinking). ANYWAYS, I'm having issues with my regular dr. (same as my husbands) and prob. will change. smiles

    1. Well, I know Mom and she wouldn't have wanted to leave and have to return another day .. and since I'm retired what else did I have to do? 😁 🤣 😂 There's also blessings with her dementia like not truly realizing how long we'd waited. In the past she'd have been livid. I try to take most things in stride! 💜

  3. I am not fond of waiting, but have learned to use the time for prayer, reading, observing people and nature or whatever is around me...but I am not always a good "patient", especially if I have someplace else to go and need to get there on time...but I have also learned that God has reasons for the waiting and delays and detours of life. I just need to trust Him and "go with the flow". This was a good reminder today. Thank you.

    1. I'm not a fan of waiting either, but I also know that complaining isn't really going to help the cause either. Mom is blessed with Christian doctors! You're so right .. the waiting is for a reason! 💜

  4. I am like you Deb. Depends on what I am waiting for. I think we all tend to live in that microwave world and we want things instantly. The Lord has taught me so many times that when I wait upon Him it is ALWAYS for my absolute best and I have found that to be so true. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. The last 2 years have taught me so know waiting has been so hard, but I've persevered.... not always joyfully... but things are so much better than they were. Thank you, precious Friend, for being one of my greatest prayer warriors! 💜

  5. It depends, but I am usually impatient and dislike waiting in lines, especially for a table at a restaurant. I need to work on patience daily.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24