Tuesday, July 17, 2018

{ Terrific Tuesday }

One of the duties I had on my last job was to assign job numbers to each project that the Project  Managers were awarded a contract for. Then, on Friday afternoon, I e-mailed each of the PM's a current job listing so they'd be able to give the info to their job Superintendents to put the job number on gas receipts, etc. I always tried to tell them to have a "Fantastic Friday", and when I sent e-mails for the other days during the work week, I'd use an adjective to describe the day. I'm pretty sure these were the ones I used oh so many years ago. With the help of Google (what would we do without that awesome search tool?) I found images to go along.....

Marvelous Monday

Image result for marvelous monday

Terrific Tuesday

Image result for terrific tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Image result for wonderful wednesday

Thankful Thursday

Image result for thankful thursday

Fantastic Friday

Image result for fantastic friday

Wonderful Weekend

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That thought pattern remained when I began blogging, so.....

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  1. {{{{GIGGLING}}}} I'm confused, what day is it? (ducking)---Have a lovely day, friend. smiles

  2. Love these and what a blessing for everyone you sent them too!

  3. I loved hearing about your previous job as well as the images that you shared. I love the flower picture for Wednesday! Thanks so much, Deb.

  4. You have blessed my "wonderful Wednesday" even though you were wishing me a "terrific Tuesday". I'm just a little slow getting around to reading... Have blessed day whatever day you read this!! :)


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