Friday, July 20, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #139 }

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I thought it'd be fun to take a stroll down memory lane with the homes I've lived in during my lifetime.

The first house I ever knew, but can't remember living there because I only spent my first year of life in this home. I spent many more years to come visiting and spending the night though.  This was my Papaw and Mamaw's home where Mom and Dad lived until I was about a year old while their home was being built on some property my Papaw gave them.  That's my Momma standing beside the house a few years ago.

This was the home I actually grew up in. Oh, the sweet memories of living there with all those pine trees and the carport that Daddy built and his blue car parked under it!  That's the front door I fell out of (don't remember that, either, Mom told me) and I still have a scar on my chin as a reminder. It has been remodeled and added onto since this foto, but in my mind's eye I can still see the big blue lights around the window at Christmas-time and the candles in the window and my Dad letting my brother go down the front yard on his red bike without the training wheels and sitting in the yard under a tree studying my Sunday school lesson and raking up pine needles and Daddy paying me ten cents for a days work and push mowing the entire yard....whew, to be young again!  And, you can't see it in this foto, but wandering the woods behind our house and our uncle's who lived next door and never once seeing a snake or getting poison. Sweet, sweet memories, Y'all!
(I'm so glad I was prompted to take this foto probably close to 50 years ago)

I don't have a foto of the first place Pappy and I lived after we got married. We rented a small mobile home from his parents but only lived there for 3 months until we rented this little block home from my Mamaw's hubby (not my Papaw, he had passed away by then). There's a whole 'nother tale about the love story between my Mamaw and her second, so precious! Interestingly, this home has been upgraded, the block painted white and it was recently sold and a church has opened it's doors in this home. For some reason, that kind of makes my heart happy!

 This is where Pappy and I live now, the home we built and moved into only a couple of weeks before Jess was born almost 39 years ago. It was nowhere near completed and LOTS and LOTS of sweat have gone into making this house our home and where all these years later, it's in much need of remodeling on the inside, but our 4 grand kiddos don't seem to mind that one bit!

Would you believe that all of our homes are within a mile, or less, of each other?  Neither of us strayed too far from our original homes and we stayed in the same community. 

 That makes my heart happy, too!

Ain't Good good?
Oh, YES HE is!!!

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  1. Such wonderful memories of the homes you grew up in, lived and married in. It is amazing that all of them were within a mile of each other. I also fell in love with your header painting. I can see why he's a favorite. Have a day ahead of blessings Debbie.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all your homes Debbie. It's odd but I don't have even one photo of my childhood homes or even the homes I lived in as a grown up. Of course I have also lived in many until I bought one when I decided I needed to stay put, lol. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh, I love this Deb!! I love that you have such happy memories in each of your homes...precious they linger...and I really love your current home so much...I wouldn't care either that it wasn't updated's HOME!! And it looks so warm and the front porch especially. I love that you've stayed in one town all these years...that is something very rare today. Sometime I will have to do a blog about all the houses I've lived in, but it would take a BOOK to do so...seriously. I've thought about it, but it would be just too time consuming and laborious...there have been that many!! But always with a good purpose and reason... God knew! Anyway...I enjoyed this and it made me want to come inside with you and sit down and visit. Thank you. Blessings to you today dear friend.

  4. What sweet memories. I'm so glad you shared them with us. Your home is beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  5. I just love all the homes. What a fun post, hope you have a beautiful day friend. smiles

  6. I love this post, Debbie! I love the history of people's lives...and where they lived, etc. It is all a part of making us who we are today. xx

  7. Hi! Nice memories for you. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A happy post. I like the roof on your home!
    Yes, God is good.

  9. Nice to see all your homes. I just did a quick count on all the houses I've lived in. Growing up I lived in 3 different ones when I was too young to remember them.
    2 houses while in school and 13 since I've been married. All houses till married were in NJ. Then it was VA, Scotland, (3 different houses) FL, Puerto Rico, back to VA, and then to MD where we are about to move into the 6th home there. Hoping this will be the last move!! : )

  10. Sweet memories and great photos!!

  11. Beautiful memories and wonderful photos. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


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