Friday, July 6, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #137 }

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Happy Friday, Y'All!

Is it hot enough for 'ya in your neck of the woods?

It was miserably hot and humid on the 4th of July, so needless to say we had to eat indoors.  I didn't get any fotos to share on the 4th, but we had a great time, especially the kiddos! After we ate they played outside. Oh, to be young again and not let the heat and cold be a deterrent to having fun!

Here are a few fotos I managed to get this week.

I told you it was hot!  Even the cows sought out a cool pond of water to escape the heat and this was about 10:00 in the morning!

"Make hay while the sun shines"

I old barns!

These aren't very clear because I took them out a dirty windshield in a moving car.....

and no, I wasn't the driver!
The sun was beginning to go down as we drove west on the Interstate coming home from a "girl's afternoon/evening out" with our sweet daughter!

that's a wrap!

Stay safe and cool this weekend!

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  1. The bears are so cute!
    I like old barns too but hate to see them falling apart badly.Nice you had time out with your daughter!

  2. Love the header painting Debbie! Also the fields of hay and old barn photos. Have a day of blessings ahead my friend.

  3. You have a beautiful series of photos. I feel for the cows that have to sit out in the open sun. It must be hard to remain cool. Keep hydrated. It's very hot there (and here too). Have an awesome weekend.

  4. I just love looking at your countryside pictures. There just something about old barns that draws me to them. Have a great Friday.

  5. Love your photos...but sadly the last one didn't show up! I love old barns too. They always fascinate me, and I want to explore. I love the smells of hay and..well, maybe not the smells of manure, but that goes along with it. Sorry it has been so hot up there. It is hot here too...I guess that's summertime! Looking forward to fall already! LOL. Have a blessed day and weekend. So proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free!!

  6. My windshield isnt that bad.

  7. Miserable here in western NY. SIGH...I just love your photos. Hope you have a beautiful day friend.

  8. I love your photos this week. I take a lot of pictures of barns and skies too. They make me happy. Also, there are some cows that live behind us and they have a little pond they go into sometimes and I keep hoping to get a picture of them in it someday. But it's really close to the road and there is always someone right behind us and there's no good place to pull off and take the picture. But I really enjoyed your photo of the cows in the water. Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. I love all you nice photo. The cows! And so early in the water, yes... it are warm days. Here too.

  10. Those sky shots are beautiful. God is an amazing artist! Happy weekend! Stay cool!!

  11. Your header is so sweet - I love it. Hope your 4th was great!

  12. love the old barn! thank you for hosting this fun hop! happy weekend

  13. I am a big fan of old barns also. All of your photos are great. I hope that it cools off for you. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday.


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