Friday, August 10, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #142 }

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See that little sign above? 
I'm gonna print it off and make copies and put them all over the house to read and read again because.....

I haven't been anywhere to get any new fotos this week because we've spent practically the entire week in "wait" mode. Am I the only person who doesn't like to wait? To put your life on hold waiting on somebody to do what they said they'd do, but then they don't come through? And, really, how hard is it to make a phone call to somebody to let them know that you can't do what you said you would? I'm not gonna lie, Y'all, my patience has worn thin waiting on this building. It's been one thing after another and I do believe all of this is the reason why I didn't have a good feeling about it from the very beginning, but it's too late now. If and when it ever gets delivered, I'll be sure and let you know and fill you in on all the crazy details because I know each of you are waiting with bated breath for fotos of this fixer-upper!

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 Since I haven't been out and about this week, I'll just share this foto of my current flag in honor of all those kiddos and teachers returning to school this month.

HOPE everybody has an awesome weekend!

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  1. Oh my Debbie, you hit on something I too dislike...waiting. Especially on someone who promises something and even when they set their own times lines they don't meet them or even let you know what is going on. There got that off my chest, lol. Seriously, waiting is not my strong suit but let me tell you God has orchestrated a situation where I've waited a very, very long time for something. I'm even waiting now. And, to tell you the truth, I've learned in this situation just to let it all unfold because absolutely nothing I've tried to do has worked. I do love your little sign and it's a good reminder for any of us. I also love the cute little flag in honour of children going back to school. I pray you won't have to wait much longer my dear for what it is your are waiting for. Hugs. xx

  2. I totally understand...we've been waiting this week also, but for something entirely different...waiting for my mother in law to enter heaven's gates...the nurses and Hospice doctor all say she is ready...but for whatever reason she just isn't budging. Not that we are in a hurry for her to go, but on the other hand, we aren't sure why she is "waiting". God knows...and that is what I am having to learn in my post today. I do hope you get your she-shed soon. And I do hope it will be all that you hope it will be when it arrives. But again, God knows...and when His timing is right, it will all work out. I believe God is in control in all of these things...and He cares about our heart's desires. He just wants us to learn patience and trust. One of t hose tough life lessons. Love you girlfriend. Praying today will be a blessed and happy day for you. Take lots of pictures when the she-shed shows up!!!

  3. Happy Friday - wishing you positive thoughts and hoping your next week bring more satisfaction.

  4. Patience is not one of my virtues, Deb. smiles

    I can only imagine what's been going on with your she shed. sigh.

  5. I'm so sorry about a delay this week...and, no, my friend, you are not the only one who doesn't like to wait. When all of this is resolved I am trusting that we are going to see the glory of the Lord round about it in some fashion.

    Praying for our teachers and aides as school starts back here soon, as well.

  6. I'm so disappointed for you to still be waiting for delivery of your much anticipated She-Shed. Yes, it is time for school to get started here too. Ours go back next week. All that means to me is that we will start avoiding the schools in the morning or when school lets out. The driver lines are crazy here, and this morning's paper had an article on the front page that bus drivers are needed and asking parents to take their kids to school to help with the shortage. That means even more cars lining the streets in front of the schools. BUT... God bless our teachers, administrators, and those bus drivers for all they do for our youngsters. tough jobs.

  7. I don't like to wait but sometimes I when I have to, it makes things better. It only confirms my decision. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  8. That camera saying is a good one. : )

  9. That's a cheerful sign. Our kids return to school next week. I will miss seeing them so often. Their lives get so very busy.


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
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