Tuesday, August 7, 2018

{ Tuesday Tidbits }


A couple of things I wanted to share from my notes this past SONday:

 We are a trophy of His grace!
(our Sunday School teacher)

The church - an army that marches on its knees!
(our pastor)

Faith looks beyond the riches of the world to the greater blessings that God has in store!
(commentary in my Bible on verses in Genesis Chapter 14)


When I was a little girl I used to see these flowers growing wild in the fields around our house.....

Image result for Passiflora ligularis

I hadn't seen them in years until Jess sent me a foto one day asking what it was. I had researched it previously and found out it's a passion flower and it actually has fruit on it.  On my trek to the woods behind Mom's house a few weeks ago, I found lots of them growing in the weeds. Pappy dug a few up for me and I've planted them in our yard so they'll grow up the clothesline poles. I'll keep Y'all posted on whether they live because it took me a bit to get them re-planted.



It just amazes me that I send something from my phone to the printer, like a crochet pattern, or a coupon. I can remember when I typed on a manual typewriter in my typing class in high school. And, when the electric typewriter intimidated me - and a  computer - and when we lived in a world without microwaves! 



Our firstborn grandboy spent last Friday afternoon/evening/night with us and most of Saturday. I can't even begin to understand how he's already 12 years old.  He's a very special young man - but I'm pretty sure all of us grandparents feel that way about our grands! Oh, the love in my heart for this precious boy - a gift! (but all our kiddos are - and, he really can smile - he didn't much want his foto taken - again, he's a 12 year old boy - 😀)


I LOVE to watch the birds - hummingbirds in the summer and whatever shows up at the feeder in the wintertime. I'm thinking it might be hereditary, from both sides of my family. My Daddy was a birdwatcher and so was my Mamaw, my maternal grandmother. My brother shares in the love, too!


And, last, but most definitely not least.....
and I'm pretty sure Y'all are so very tired of hearing about a "she-shed"......
there just might be something to post about on Friday!


HOPE your Tuesday is  Terrific!


  1. I never tire of hearing about the mysterious she shed, giggling. As for your grandson, oh my, does he look like your husband, smiles.

    Have a beautiful day friend. smiles

  2. Good post. A She Shed! Now that would a nice get away place to meditate!

  3. Enjoyed all your tidbits! Anxious to see pics of the she-shed!!

  4. I am excited for you and your she-shed!! Now I can hardly wait to hear your news!! Great post and you should be proud of your sweet grandson. It's so great that he spent a couple of days with you. I know how fast 12 years can go! Whooosh!!

  5. That Passion Flower is so pretty. I hope the transplant goes well for you. Can you eat the fruit from it? I'll be looking forward to Friday's post to see more about this she-shed. My cousin got hers last fall and she has had a blast making quilts in hers. :)


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24