Friday, September 21, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #148 }

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We spent the biggest part of yesterday pressure washing. It had been a couple of years since we had cleaned the sidewalks and deck and I had almost forgotten how dirty and tiring it can be. Pappy thought it would be a great foto to share with Y'all of the before and after of the deck, but I didn't get a pic before we started.  I think I might have been too ashamed to show it anyway because it was so dirty, but now it looks absolutely brand new! We're planning on getting some kind of stain for it.....
in gray, of course, my new favorite color!

My fotos aren't too clear, but.....

Morning sky.....

Evening sky.....

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of fall?
Speaking of, do you say fall or autumn?

Happy Fall, Y'All!

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  1. Love the morning and evening sky Debbie. Happy Fall To You Too :) Have a day of blessings.

  2. He was right. I loved seeing morning and evening. So pretty!

  3. Lovely skies. I bet your are happy to have the pressure washing done.

  4. Happy for you to have accomplished that tiring but satisfying task. I know how hard it is, and need to do it too. You inspire me to get busy, as soon as it cools off just a bit. Love the morning and evening sun. Always a favorite view for me. And I say fall most of the time, but when I want to be "proper" I say Autumn. I'll never forget my grandson telling us when he was about 5 years old that it wasn't "fall", but it was the autumnal equinox! Said in the voice of a five year old, it was pretty remarkable...but he always has loved big words. Now he is soon to be 19, and he still is a great talker and user of big words. I pray it will get him somewhere in life!!

  5. Beautiful sky fotos! I always say 'fall.' Hope you have a great day!!

  6. Those are some very pretty sky pictures! We used to have to pressure wash the pool deck, the driveway and the sidewalk at our old house and it took hours to do and was back-breaking. I feel your pain! We have hired a man to pressure wash our 'new' house twice since we moved here. Better for a younger person to break his back! Ha! I say FALL, by the way. Looking forward to seeing your finished deck!!

  7. Beautiful pics. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.


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