Friday, October 26, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #153 }


You know for me it's either feast or famine with fotos and today is a bit of an overload!

These are a few of the fotos we took on Tuesday when we visited Ark Encounter in Kentucky with our Special Friends from church. The day was absolutely gorgeous, as you can tell from the beautiful blue skies. I tried to put these in somewhat of an order that made sense as far as the sequence of what actually happened. I know that a lot of liberty was taken as to how the inside was designed and the animals were fed and the waste was taken care of, but Y'all, it was absolutely awesome to stand inside that massive boat and just imagine what they went through for 40 days and nights of rain. What faith Noah had since it had NEVER rained on the earth before this flood. 

So, here we go.....

Pappy took this foto from the parking lot of a small gas station we stopped at to fuel up before entering.

Just absolutely amazing craftsmanship.....

Pappy asked a fellow to take a foto of us with my phone so it's a little blurry.  
Notice the image of the cross in the wood.
Pappy had to act silly.....

HOPEfully, you can click on the fotos to enlarge if you want to read the descriptions.

I thought the painting below was so unique.
The description is underneath the foto.

What Noah's living quarters might have looked like, 
although I'm inclined to believe it wasn't this fancy - just my opinion. 

The dove returning to the Ark with an olive branch in its beak so Noah knew the floodwaters were almost gone since olive bushes grow close to the ground.

A selfie of Pappy and me..... 

What Noah's carpenter shop might have looked like.
I actually took these fotos for my brother who loves to work with wood.

This is just a part of the many fotos I took.
I want to go back later and read more of the "signs" I have pics of!

If you EVER get a chance to visit this massive replica of Noah's ark, please don't hesitate.  
It's a LOT of walking but HOPEfully, you'll have the next day to recover like we did.

It is simply awesome.

Happy Friday, Everybody.
HOPE you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow! Debbie what wonderful and fantastic photos of the replica Noah's Ark. This would be the only way I could have seen it. Thank you so much for sharing them. I really enjoyed viewing them. It must have been amazing seeing it in person. Have a day of ahead of blessings my friend.

  2. I agree with you. I am pretty sure that Noah didn't live like that either!

  3. What a really wonderful trip! I want to go there and see it! How wonderful.

  4. Thank you so much. I love it. All the photo's. It is so special! Thanks Deb.

  5. Oh, thank you for sharing these photos with us. We have often talked about going there, but don't know when we ever will be able to. It looks pretty amazing. Such a marvelous story...and to see it up close and personal helps to make it even more real to us. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Noah's Ark looks fascinating. Thanks for all the great photos. Hope you have a blessed weekend~

  7. it looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for hosting and stopping by :)

  8. Thanks for sharing these photo's Debbie, they great. Have you ever wondered about the 2 whales and fish where they stayed.

  9. I have another friend who visited this replica of Noah's Ark and she just raved about it. So wonderful that you and your Pappy could go and enjoy that. I've seen a smaller replica and the details are so amazing and it is really something to think about how they went about everyday life in that ark with all those animals for a whole year. Just Wow! A great miracle of the Bible and picture of salvation. Thanks for sharing your pictures today.

  10. That is so awesome! I need to make a trip there. Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures.

  11. Wow,I definitely would love to visit this site. Your pictures are beautiful. I can't even begin to imagine how Noah did that!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing. I only live about an hour away, but have not gone yet. I've been to the Creation Museum a couple of times, but not the Ark yet. Hopefully, I'll get a chance soon to go.

  13. Wonderful pictures, so glad you got to go see Noah's Ark. It's on my list of things to do...sigh...maybe one day!! Be blessed my friend, sending you ((hugs)) across the miles.

  14. I have heard of this attraction and how they followed the plans in the Bible. It is HUGE! I agree with you that the living quarters were probably not that 'fancy' but it really is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  15. What amazed me were the closed doors-thought provoking. Loved this place!! Creation museum amazing but this was over amazing!!

  16. Wow Debbie! I've never heard of this place. It's amazing and depicts one of the most awesome (to me) stories in the Bible. Are the models real people or wax because they look very life like.

  17. I would love to visit there. Thanks for sharing this amazing place. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

  18. Thank you, Debbie for sharing these! I've wanted to go there for ages. Some day I'll get there.

  19. Loved all the pictures Deb. When Marty and I went to visit the ARK I had been praying for the Lord to give me a message while there. He did! But the thing is that I came home with a renewal of Faith. Trust and Faith. So hard to do if not keeping my eyes on Jesus. I will never again think of Noah in the same way after I went to see the ark. WHAT FAITH and TRUST he had in our Lord. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Such a sweet reminder to me today to stand on FAITH! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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