Monday, December 31, 2018

{ My Word for 2019 }

If Y'all didn't already know it, I'm BIG on words.
I 💜 puns and jokes about words and looking up definitions.

Two Thousand Nineteen will be the 8th year that I've felt God give me a word to focus on throughout the year and by now I would have already settled on one that's just right for me.  Here are the past ones.....

2012 - Truth
2013 - Calm
2014 - Believe
2015 - Ponder (love that word)
2016 - (be) Present
2017 - More
2018 - Dwell

 I've prayed about it and there have been several that I've jotted down in my journal and they're all very applicable and much-needed words to cling to and ponder over and dwell on during this season of life.....


I actually took a little quiz provided by Dayspring and would you look at what my word was after I had answered the seven questions.....

Click here to find yours

Then yesterday in SONday school we were having a discussion regarding the lesson and a statement was made by a very dear lady that had absolutely nothing to do with a "word for the year".  She simply stated.....

"JESUS is The Word"

If my focus for the upcoming year, each and every day, is on JESUS and His Word, my precious Bible, all those other things will fall into place.....

He is my JOY

He sheds His GRACE on me every minute of the day and night and allows me to show GRACE to others

I need to SEEK only Him in the troubled times and give Him thanks for ALL things

Realize that He's in the WAITing, even when it doesn't feel like it

JESUS truly is my One and Only HOPE

And, what better JOURNEY to be on than going through life with JESUS right by my side

So, my word for 2019 is simply.....



  1. Thanks for the concept of 'Hope' in the New Year!

  2. Amen! Where would we be without HIM? Happy New Year dear friend, may He bless you abundantly in 2019 and every year to come.

  3. You are so right...if we focus on Jesus, he will take care of the rest. I've been thinking loved, because I feel I'm just starting to really learn and understand that He loves me. But even then, just focusing on Jesus covers that too. I may have to steal your word. God bless you greatly in 2019.

  4. Have a very blessed new year 2019!

  5. Wow! There can be no better Word, Jesus IS the WORD of God!!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24