Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Shack

Have any of you ever heard of this book....The Shack?
by William P. Young
I hadn't heard of it until we went to see Mark Lowry, and he told about it....that's where I found out about "future tripping"!!!

WOW!!! This book is amazing. There are concepts in it that I don't whole-hearted agree gave me such a better understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit....the Trinity. I'm not sure..other than the Bible...that I've ever had anything affect me quite this way (well, The Lord's Table, too)!!!

This book gave me a better understanding of God and how He wants to have a very, very personal relationship with us...which prompted one of my blog posts a few Sunday's ago!!!

I wish every one of you could/would read it.

I'm not even much of a reader, other than the Bible, and my daily TLT lessons....but, I knew when Mark Lowry praised it that I had to check it out.

Hope all of you do, too!!!

And...hey...if you have already read it...leave me a message.

Or...if you read it soon...holler and let me know what you think. I sure hope it touches you as much as it did me!!!

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