Friday, June 13, 2008

Four on Friday

Four on Friday...let's see if I can do it!!!
I started out as "five"...I'm changing it...after all, it's my blog!!!

1. First of all...sorry for no post yesterday....the day got away from me. I got up earlier than usual to go walk...then, went down and played with the boys. I'm making another "owl" purse...this one totally different...worked on that...I'll post pics when I get it finished!!!

2. Happy Friday...even's Friday the 13th. How many of you believe in the superstition that if the 13th falls on a Friday, that it is very unlucky?? I read that a lot of people won't go to work, or drive their car, or even go out to eat!! How silly is that!! I definitely do not believe in Dad was born on Friday the 13th....of the year 1928...and I know I was pretty darn lucky....nope, have him as a Dad!!!

3. VBS....ours was last week....Jess' is this week at her church. And, guess what??? Grandson #1 has attended every night, going into his class, being such a good boy. It breaks my heart..he is growing up way too fast. I cannot believe he will soon be 2 years old...WWAAHH!! I've asked so many times...."where does the time go"? He's worn his little Hawaiian shirt every night to go along with the theme. Of course...he also associates going to VBS with eating...can you tell he's kin to me?!?!?!? ha! ha!

4. Sunday is Father's Day. If you are blessed to still have your Dad, please spend a little time with him. Let him know how much you love him...even let him know how blessed you know you are to have him. On Sunday, I'll share a little something special about my Dad...and my father-in-law. Both are in heaven now...much better off than me and Pappy...but there's a story there, even about their deaths that I'll share.

So...have a wonderful weekend....stay cool....stay safe!!

I'll be back on Sunday!!!


  1. i think right now you and dad are better off here....for my sake......
    love you both so so much!!!

    yes, sam did so well tonight. he went up front and got his little certificate.

  2. Hey, Deb we yard sale yesterday and ran errands at the same time. Well, I started the day out with the yard sale and then I left Robbie and Adam in charge. Robbie sold things I assume I would have to store again what a salesman. He made half the money we made yesterday and we made $80 give or take. I was proud of him he done a great job. Around noon mom and I and little Grace went into Morristown to pay bills and then shop a little. We also went to Apple Bees Grace loves the mash potatoes. We had a good day together. God is so good to me I am grateful everyday God gives me with my parents expecially after that terrible car accident in 2005 he spare them from.

    I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24