Saturday, June 14, 2008

Red Owl Purse

Okay..I know I said I'd be back Sunday...but...I finished my second owl purse....well, it's actually my third here it is...and I'm not liking this yellow color...we might have to change Saturday from yellow to something else.....let's go with "pink" for now...anyway...can you tell I like owls??? I found this "mola" on e-bay. I sewed the mola* onto the material that I used for the body of the purse. I love this is so soft...I think it will make a nice purse to carry in the winter. Anyway.....I say that a pattern didn't have a lining, but I like for my purses to be used a material that I also really like...I found this at a thrift know I've already told you how I'm starting to really like thrift stores!!!

So...let me know what you think....please...don't just be a "blog stalker"

( I stole that from another blogger!!!)

*Mola is the name given to the multi colored panels that Kuna women sew and apply to the front and back of their blouses. They are completely unique and are composed of several layers of cloth worked in a technique called reverse applique. A painstaking method that can take a month or more to complete. Molas are very much an expression of the cultural identity of the Kuna women.


  1. personally, i love it, and i've seen it in person!!!

  2. Debbie you have so much talent. My mom has been doint sewing for years and just in the past year she has been doing alteration out of her home. God has truly bless with this total strangers walk in JCpenney asking for alteration and mom has gotten business that way. She plans to start doing it full-time this fall. We had business cards made and we plan to advertise this fall even more.


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