Sunday, August 10, 2008

Speaking of Blood.....

I know my blog yesterday was about "The Blood". Little did I know when I wrote it, that there would be yet another incident concerning "blood". We kept the boys yesterday afternoon, and Nana was the cause of Big Brother's first trip...and I certainly hope the ER. You know I've already said we've been to the ER way too much lately. Well, I didn't have to go this time...but was the cause of the trip. I still feel so terrible. Big Brother had left something in my car Saturday morning and we went out to get I carry him, but I chose to let him walk....Big Brother does not know how to walk...he goes in a constant run!!! I thought he was behind me, so I opened the car door....he was beside me in an instant and I hit him right in his little head...he started scared me almost to death....oh, how I wish it could have been my head instead of his. It bled and bled and bled, and he kept saying "boo boo"...he wouldn't let me hold the wet cloth against it...Pappy called Jess and The Dad...I cried, Big Brother cried...when they got here...very quickly I might add...The Dad decided they better take him to the ER...just in case. I know The Dad felt sorry for me because he hugged me and told me it was okay...but it wasn't okay to me...and it still isn't!!! You might find this line of thinking strange, but I guess if you know me at all, you'll understand, because I'm finding more and more my mind goes to spiritual things...anyway...after they left to take him to the ER, I was giving Little Bit his bottle, and sat thinking about how God gave His only Son to die on the cross and shed all of his life blood. How in the world did He do it? I tear up just thinking about it now. I thought about how much I love Jess and there is absolutely no way I could give her up...I love those boys with all of my heart, and it tore my heart out to hurt Sam. I'm still hurting because I hurt him. But...just like God forgives me...Sam forgave me, too. He kept bringing me chips to eat when they got back, already forgotten what his mean Nana had done to him.
And, God does the same for each of us...
He forgives..and forgets.
Praise His Holy Name!!!!

In His love...and with mine!!!

P.S...and even in the midst of this "tragedy"...God still answered a prayer. I prayed that the cut wouldn't require stitches because I couldn't bear the thought of them having to numb him with a needle....and they didn't have to...they just super glued it back together!!! Thank you, Lord!!!


  1. I like you hospital and ER I hope I do not have to step foot in one the rest of the year. Mom has had to be there twice this summer already. Myself was in the hospital in March. Okay we both have seen enough that for a few years I would think.
    You tell little bit he needs to slow down. I think Gracie will run once she starts walking. She runs in her walker.

  2. So sorry to hear about the trip to the ER. Glad he didn't have to have stitches and everything turned out ok. I know it had to scare you all.


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Proverbs 16:24