Sunday, October 5, 2008

Special Sunday Requests

I've received a few prayer requests the past couple of days that I want to share with you all. Please pray for these special people!!

1. This lady's name is Barbara and she just found out that she has lung cancer. The cancer is in the airway and lymph nodes, so she isn't a candidate for surgery, but will be having radiation and chemotherapy. She is the mother of a young lady who is a faithful reader of my blog...Ms. Natalie. Please keep Barbara, her husband and Ms. Natalie in your prayers...and also the doctors as they set her up for treatment that God will guide them in what is the best for her. This came as a big blow to them all and they definitely need our prayers for God to give them strength and peace during the next few months.

2. I received this from a friend who wanted to get the word out to all prayer warriors concerning Ms. Audrey Knepp. Ms. Audrey was the mascot for the Sevier County Relay for Life this year. Here is the specific prayer request from her parents:

"We have agreed to do the biopsy on Monday. We will be canceling the dental surgery for Thursday as the biopsy takes more importance. Audrey will be admitted to the hospital this coming Monday. The biopsy will be done in her skull. Last time they were able to go into the side of her head and take a piece of tissue because of the placement of the current tumor they need they will be cutting across her head and peeling back the front part of her skull to access the tumor that is toward the front of her head. Most of you who know us and see Audrey will know which tumor we are talking about as it is the one tumor that is still clearly visible on her skull.After the surgery (barring no complications) she will spend one evening in ICU and then two more evenings on an in patient floor. The surgery is supposed to last three to four hours and will begin roughly at 9am on Monday morning. Please pray specifically that the operation will go well if not better than is expected and that our girl pulls through it just as she always has with everything...perfectly.Many of you may wonder now why we choose to put her at risk. After the consultation of several oncologists across the country we truly believe that flying blind on further treatment is not the best option for our little girl. We need to try and obtain information on these tumors to better aid us for the future. As friends who have seen children relapse or have cancer briefly go away only to return a few months later we can see the extreme significance of obtaining as much information as is possible. It is far too risky to fly blind when we have an opportunity to gain some direction. Dr. Harris will be doing the surgery and after meeting with him this morning we once again reminded of what a phenomenal doctor he is as well as a tremendously caring human being. We thank you for love and prayers during a most difficult time. Thank you. "

3. Ms. Mary - I have never met this lady, but we spent almost 45 minutes on the phone last evening talking like we are old friends!!! Ms. Mary has lots of health problems but is so positive and happy and I know that comes from the Lord. I told her that she needs to write a book about all the things she's gone thru!! She had a kidney removed because of cancer, has had heart surgery which left her with problems with her diaphragm and lungs causing her to need oxygen 24/7, several knee surgeries, and in need of another one. Please, please pray for Ms. Mary and her husband and all the problems they have.

Sometimes I think I have troubles, but then I think about how blessed I am to have my health, and my problems are so very trivial compared to others!!!

I hope each of you have a very blessed Sunday!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. Our God in Saviour will take care of all these individuals needs. Adam is going to have stinges so pray for him he is not happy about it. The cut keeps opening back up.


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