Saturday, May 30, 2009

Burlap Party

Rhoda with Southern Hospitality is having....well, actually had....a "Burlap Party" on Thursday. I know I'm a bit late...but here's what I've done with burlap...not a lot of it....but I hope it counts.

You know all those pillows we're seeing everywhere with numbers on them? Well, I've wanted to make one to sit in the rocker on our front porch for some time. It didn't cost much at all...because...the pillow was free from a friend who is a "yard sale junkie", and he gave it to me....I already had all the other fabric on hand, including the burlap and the ribbon....and the Wonder Under (a girl's best friend). There was absolutely no sewing at all....everything is attached using Wonder Under and Stitch Witchery.....and my iron!!!
What about the letters????
I found a font I liked, printed the "516" out in "outline"....cut it out....then taped it to the top of my polka-dot fabric that I had already ironed on Wonder-Under....cut them out....ironed them onto the pillow....and.....VOILA!!!!!

Of course, "516" is our street address!!!

Back Front
In it's new home!!!


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