Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update on.....Weighty Matters

The other day when I wrote the post about
I was a bit down at the time, as you could probably tell from my words. I did a post sometime last year about all the things that had been said to me over the years about my size. Besides some people thinking that because you're overweight, something must be wrong with your mentality....some also think that since you do carry excess pounds, they somehow need to point it out to you, just in case you hadn't noticed.
But....that's not what this little update is about.
I have a new friend....and I've never even met her.
We have a lot in common...both around the same age....both "blog for Jesus"....and both see things in a lot the same way.
I received several comments on the post "Weighty Matters"....but I have to share hers. There are several "it's not odd, it's God" things between us...for one, she and my Mom share the same name, which isn't a very common name at all!!!

But..I want to thank her (and Ms. Robin)...and all the others (including my precious daughter)...for your sweet comments....(and when I wrote it, I wasn't looking for any sympathy, I promise....just needed to get my thoughts down "on paper"!!!)

Here's something that "Joybug" said....totally a blessing from God...thru her.
"We love you for the kindness you show, we love you for the sweetness that you share through your blog, we love you because you add joy to our life, we love you not because you are thick or thin, tall or short, male or female, black white red or yellow...we love you because YOU ARE YOU! A gift wrapped in the the love of Jesus to us!"
Shouldn't all of us feel this way about each other?
Shouldn't we be all about upholding one another?
If someone we have never met is able to see the good in us...shouldn't we be doing the same for our closest friends....looking beyond what's on the outside and searching for every ounce of good we can find inside of them???
I know there are times that we are called to point out when our friends are going down the wrong path...and it's not easy...but it needs to be done in a kind way.

So...I thank you Joybug!!! I thank God for bringing you to my blog and allowing us...sisters in become blogging friends!!!

(click to visit The Joy of Denim and Lace)

( the way...I've seen cardinals the past few days at the most unexpected times. That's how God works, you know....He just shows up when we least expect remind us of His love!!)

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Sweet Deb,
    I am now blushing at "your" kind words. I thank Jesus for you and the path that led me to you. I do not have but two followers and you have been so faithful to welcome me to the world of "blogging". It is new to me and I am finding it to be exciting and I am loving the connection the Lord is developing between you and I.
    Please pray for my kids, Doug and his wife Susan, Britt and Hunter they left out on vacation this morning, this is why I am up at 5:00 a.m. Sunday see them off. Hunter spent the night with me last night so they had to stop in and pick him up. Pray for safety and protection and that they will have a wonderful time.
    I appreciate each visit you make to my blog and the comments you make. Be blessed today in your Sunday Sabbath ... Putting HIM first in all we do today and in all of our tomorrows.

  2. that's right. . .
    even if you did think you saw sonny, i would still love you beyond words!

  3. I love you Ms. Debbie. God brought you into my life and it is special. He sees the wonderful and sweet lady that you are and His Light Shines Bright!!!!!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24