Monday, June 29, 2009

Be yourself

So many times...especially us gals....are so busy trying to take care and please everybody else...that we often overlook doing just little kind things for somebody else who matters.....OURSELVES!!!!!
I haven't felt well for quite some time....nothing major....just since back in the spring....I've had the blahs....and a sinus infection.....and some more blahs.
I've really neglected myself for several months....and in doing so....I've gained about 8-10 lbs
(I imagine 8, one pound packages of bologna and that really puts things into perspective!!!).
I feel I've just let myself go. About 2 years ago, I did an on-line Bible study at "Setting Captives Free" called "The Lord's Table". This was a scripture based weight loss program....and, guess what?!?!? It worked!!!!
I started walking every day and lost some weight....and was feeling so much better about myself.'s what this is leading to.
Take the be kind to yourself.
Do something just for doesn't have to be anything major....just something to make you feel better.
I got up early this morning....before Pappy even left for work....put on my walking shoes...and headed out for a 45 minute walk. Now, mind you, I'm kinda hurting in some spots...but I feel so much better....not so much physically....but emotionally....and even spiritually!!!
Head is clearer....more ready to face the day!!!
(and remember....Jesus walked everywhere he went...well, except for the donkey He rode into Jerusalem on!!!)
Another little thing...and you all might think this is crazy....but.....I hate my feet!! I have really ugly feet....a little thing I inherited from my Mom's side of the family!!!
So...I decided that I would start taking better care of my footsies....I polished my toenails...and I've been lathering my feet in cream, or lotion, and wearing little sockies to bed...and my feet are actually looking a bit girlie once again!!! sweet kind to yourself!!!
Do a little something for yourself today.....whatever it might make you feel better about yourself!!!


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Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24