Monday, June 29, 2009 name is Deb....and I'm a BRUXER

I'm a bruxer....there, I've admitted's out in the open. I can now go on with my life!!!!

How many of you have ever heard of "bruxism"?
Well, that's what I was diagnosed with, several years ago, by an ENT. I kept having ear pain, and headaches.....and after several tests were ran.....
Dr. Hutson (love his sweet heart) told me he believed my problem was "bruxism" and told me to go to my dentist....yes, my dentist!!!! So...for those of you who have no clue what "bruxism" just simply means you grind your teeth...especially, in your sleep. I went to my dentist....he fit my mouth with a bite more pain
(when I wear it!!).
For several months now, like I've told you already.....I've been struggling with some things.....and...for probably the last month....I've been having horrendous headaches.
It only dawned on me....I know...."duh".....about a week ago that it could possibly be that I'm grinding my teeth again.
(please don't leave me a critical comment)
Here's a little equation that I've came up:






It's totally amazing to me...that putting that simple little piece of plastic/rubber in my mouth....can take away so much physical pain. Wearing the thing itself is somewhat uncomfortable....but, oh, so worth it!!!

Here are some symptoms of "bruxism":

Morning migraines (oh, yes!!!)
Morning headaches (yes, again)
Jaw pain (not so much pain...just "tender")
Facial muscle and nerve pain (yes)
Earache (oh, yes!!!)
Sinus pain (yes)
Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) (no)
Vertigo (yes)
Neck pain (yes)
Shoulder pain (no)
Back pain (no)
Poor sleep (yes)
Waking exhausted (oh, yes)
Stress or tension (the cause of the grinding in the first place!!!)
Depression (yes)
Eating disorders (yes..but, how would I know the difference?!?!?)
Insomnia (yes)
Daytime sleepiness (yes)
Eye irritation (yes)
Head tingling (no)

Sixteen out of twenty...yeah, pretty good odds that "bruxism" is my problem....well, at least one of 'em, anyway!!!

How many of you are asking by now.....what in the world do we care that this lady has "bruxism"....that she's a "bruxer"?!?!?!

Well....I'm sharing this because it could possibly be any one of you reading could be experiencing any/all/most of the symptoms above and don't even realize that it's caused from something as simple as grinding your teeth....and you're not even aware of it.

Read the list of symptoms....ask somebody who lives with you....sleeps with you....."have you noticed me grinding my teeth at night"?

Plus...who of you aren't under some kind of stress??? Each and every one of us are....and we probably label each other's stress, too...know what I mean? We might not say it out loud...but often think something like.... "Well, she/he can't be nearly as tired/hurt/stressed/busy, etc., etc., I am"!!! more thing...have you noticed the "never ending cycle"'re grind your feel not only emotionally, but now physically sick.....which in turn causes you more stress and more teeth grinding (or overeating....or smoking....or whatever bad "habit" you might turn to!!!)

So...with that being said...tomorrow...we start our discussion about "stress" stay-tuned!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. My dentist diagnosed me with it a few years ago and now I use the night guard everything is hunky dory. I couldn't believe such a simple (but expensive!) piece of plastic could change my life. I really need to get a new one though as my old one is broken and I'm grinding again with all the stress lately.

  2. Hey did you know grinding of the teeth is heriditary (may be misspelled). Dad does it, I do it and Jonpaul does it. Maybe that's a lot of my problem. I have 15 of those 20 including ringing in the ears. Sinus infection makes it worse. Thanks for the info. Love ya.............. :)

  3. wear your BITE PLATE EVERY DAY!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
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