Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little Road Trip....continued

Okay...here's the rest of the story about our little road trip that we took last week. Originally....a trip to the beach had been planned....and that fell thru because....no need to explain....so....we then decided to head to some of the outlets in Atlanta....well....that didn't pan out either (no details needed)....so....we decided to go to the outlet stores in Etowah.
If you've never been there....be prepared to dig (which isn't so very easy to do with the "little rascals" in tow)....but....we found some amazing deals!!!
This is where we found the best stuff!!! Everything is new, no second-hand (not that I find anything wrong with that, either!!!)....it's just that you have to dig for it. Oh, yeah, some of the things might have a little flaw....but that didn't mean they couldn't be put to good use!!! Just about everything that we got here were in those big plastic see-thru totes....and they were $1.00 per item....or 3 items for $2.00. It's unreal the deals we got. One of the things that I had in mind I needed....were glue sticks for my hot glue gun. I know, I can buy those anywhere right....but would you believe that I found ONE BAG OF HOT GLUE STICKS....ONE BAG out of hundreds of totes....and they had my name written all over them...and, they were only about 70 cents!!!
Here are a few more things that I got....either $1.00/each (at another outlet store) or 3/$2.00....I don't think I paid over $1.50 for anything....well, except for the 3 items that I bought for Christmas gifts...and since some of my family reads my blogs....those will have to remain a secret....ssshhhhh!!!
Metal Welcome Sign....70 cents!!
Do you know how much I love snowmen?

And, that has to be a cardinal sitting on his arm...and he was only 70 cents, too!!!

Plastic Totes...$1.00/each

(missing the lids, but they'll hold pattern books just fine!!)

I love these "balls". The one on the right is ceramic. She was $1.00 at a different outlet store (a sister store to the one mentioned above)....

.....the other 3 were $2.00...for all 3!!!

I also got a chalkboard for 70 cents....but it's in the process of a makeover. I'll share that with y'all when I get it done!!!

And....last but not least....

.....here's what happens when you take two little rascal boys shopping.....

.....they were worn out!!!


P.S....just had to share one more pic....this is Big Brother wearing the "cow boots" his Mommy bought him. The sun was in his eyes....so he couldn't look at me very well...but I'm hearing those boots are even going to bed with him!!!
They're adorable....but not as adorable as him and his baby brother....and of course, their Mommy!!!

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