Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

Just want to share a few pics of our 4th of July celebration. We went to our sister's lake house for a cookout. Pappy's Mom ALWAYS celebrated the fourth of July, as far back as I can remember....and I've been a member of the family for almost 35 years!!!!
Like I told you, last 4th of July was our last celebration with his family before his Mom passed away on the 15th. Just one morning last week, I thought of something I wanted to call and tell her....I do miss her!!
One of our sisters is trying very hard to keep us together, but life just seems to get in the way. Out of 8 kids, only 4 of them were able to be there...but, we had such a good time. Their house sits right on the lake and the water was very high....there were ski boats and pontoons and people skiing and riding wave runners....everywhere.
Here are just a few pics of our day...of course, mostly of our boys!!

Little Bit looking thru the screen at the water!!
I LOVE this pic...but there's an even better one on Jess' blog !!

Lots of good food!!!

Isn't he adorable...looks so much like his Mommy!!!

Just a partial view out of their screened in porch....I was too lazy to get up and move around to get other pics...
I have a banged-up toe, remember?!?!?
ha! ha!

Just had to throw this one in....Mr. Hollywood!!!

This one is one of my favorites...and when I look at it for some reason I get very teary-eyed!!! I think because it just reminds me of how truly blessed I am!!

I hope all of you had a very memorable 4th of July weekend!!!!
"Let life give you lots of good memories....
and try to erase the bad ones!!!!

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