Monday, July 6, 2009

A Matter of Trust

I've had the word "trust" on my mind a lot lately.....feeling.....knowing....that was the direction God was leading me to talk about....and, then....He confirmed He so very often does, when I might be having a doubt!!
I was working on my Esther Bible study on the "back porch"....and Pappy was watching some videos on YouTube...and I heard Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust" I knew right then....I was receiving my confirmation!!!
(yes, even thru a rock song!!!) simply means to have confidence or faith in....especially in a person. How many of you have put your trust in somebody....and they let you down....big time? That's happened to me, and some of the rest of you reading this, too. Should we be surprised when somebody lets us down?
Should we be upset and hurt and angry and whatever else emotion that might come along with it?
There's no given rule as to how any of us "should" react. We're all human and a break of confidence that we have in somebody will probably affect each of us differently. There are certain people that we seem to hold to higher standards than others....maybe expect more from....but in the long run, no matter who they are...they're only human...and we humans fail and stumble and fall prey to Satan's lies....way too often.
So....long story way too much confidence in any one human being....because....given the right set of circumstances....and the right frame of mind....any of us could at any given time, allow Satan to cloud our cause us to do/say/think.....things that would otherwise be totally out of character for us!!!
We need to pray for those who let us down....we might never know what caused them to do whatever it was to betray the trust and confidence that we placed in them.
But...God least in my own case...I've prayed that He would convict hearts....and bring to repentance....and I pray that for my own heart, as well...that He will put within me a spirit of forgiveness!!!

Psalm 146:3 (NIV)
Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. It seems we put our trust in all the wrong things, and fail to put our trust in the one thing that is worthy of our trust....why? I feel we are led by our emotions to many times....this is an excellent post my dear friend...Bravo !


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