Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me Monday....Manic Monday

I had no intention of doing a post today about

"Not Me Monday"....

but....I had so many things that DID NOT HAPPEN to me just today...I changed my, here goes:

1. I did not decide at the last minute to go to Wally World to get my groceries and when I parked I did not look at the mowed field in front of me and see a passion flower growing that I had not seen since I was a little girl....and I did not promptly get out of my car and march across the mowed grass and try to pull up the vine did not break off...and I did not bring it home and put it in water to take root.
(Is that considered stealing? I guess if it dies, that'll be my answer, huh?)
2. I did not wonder if every single person I came in contact with in Wally World was also going thru some kind of hormonal change, just like me....EVEN THE MEN....due to their rotten attitudes.
3. I did not back my buggy out of an aisle to let two young ladies get out because a "boy" who worked there wouldn't move...but when he did see them, he didn't practically run over the old...and yes, menopausal woman....and the young chickies did not beam from ear to ear that they had an old woman and a young man both catering to their need to get out of the aisle before the aforementioned OLD WOMAN!!!
4. I did not go thru the check-out and due to a certain item I was purchasing listen to the cashier (another young lady) tell me all about her problems with....shhhh....constipation!!!
5. I did not think to myself while putting my bagged groceries in the cart that the two elderly men passing by me sure did seem to look as though they had been sucking lemons....and the thought DID NOT cross my mind, "wonder if the young chickies thought the same thing about me"!!!
6. I did not get to my car and start to leave and as I was backing out...the man beside me did not find it necessary to hurry and back out before me, almost hitting my car!!!
7. I did not leave Wally World and go to Lowe's and follow a clerk around for 5 minutes searching for wallpaper stripper...and we did not pass right by it before the clerk did not ask another clerk where it was located!!!
8. I did not get to my car to leave Lowe's and a lady come out to get in her car and leave and come over to my car and ask me if I had seen who parked behind her. She did not proceed to ask me to get out of my car to vouch for the fact that the car parked behind her....was kissing her bumper!!!!
9. I did not go to Jess' house and we did not measure how much she needed a shower curtain hemmed...and I did not promptly leave her house and the shower curtain, too!!!
10. And...last but not least....when our precious boys stayed with me this morning....they DID NOT give Nannie lots of hugs and kisses and her head did not swell up double!!!! But...Baby Brother did not refuse to come to Nannie this afternoon because he spotted his Pappy and wanted him instead...:( ....bummer!!!
If I have this much NOT HAPPEN in just one day......
think what next Monday's post is gonna be like!!!

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