Monday, August 17, 2009

Pay it forward

I'm really behind the times when it comes to watching movies. We haven't actually been to the "movie theater" in at least 3 years, and even though Pappy has hundreds here....we just don't take the time to sit and watch one together very often.
Well...Saturday night, he asked if we could watch
"Pay It Forward"....a movie that a co-worker told him had a very good story line. He found it at Wal-Mart one day last week for $5
(after a man was kind enough to help him search for it because he said he had just came across it himself!!!)
Even though the movie contained some scenes and some language that it could have done without (which I'm sure was to get it a rating that would supposedly make it a bigger box office draw)....the "moral of the story"....was so very good.
If you haven't watched it, a middle school teacher gives his Social Studies class an assignment to think of one idea to change the world...and put it into action. One of the students comes up with the idea to do something for 3 different people....and those 3 do something for 3 others, and so on...until it becomes so widespread...that it changes our world. Watching the movie, I was reminded of the Liberty Mutual commercials that were along the same line. In those commercials....people see others doing kind things....good deeds....and they get the idea to do the same for those they come into contact with. It's all sort of along the same line of thinking as "random acts of kindness"....or remember the movie ARK...which stood for "a random kindness"???
I thought you all might enjoy a "re-run" of those commercials....just to remind us that we are to treat others with kindness....and respect....and love!!!

Proverbs 3:3-4 (NLT)
Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will earn a good reputation.

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!

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  1. I've seen the movie several times, didn't care for some of the scenes but the thought process of pay it forward was good. I had a package Sat. that was 48 8oz cans of something. She is an elderly and I knew she wouldn't beable to carry it, so when I took it to the door she was going to get it out of my hands but I said it was heavy, so she showed me where to put it. Sweet lady.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24