Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ms. Rhonda said she would like for me to do a "not me" Monday here goes...this is the best I've got!!!

1. I did not allow Pappy to take a wrong turn on Chapman Highway, knowing he was heading toward Sevierville instead of Knoxville (because you know men always know where they are and need no help driving from their spouse)....and I did not beg him to take Boyd's Creek home....and when he refused I did not fuss at him for taking me all the way into Sevierville and into all the Sunday traffic. And...I DID NOT have a panic attack because of the traffic...nope...not cool, calm and collected Deb!!!
2. I did not....and this was about a year ago...but...I did not hit our first born grandson in the head with the car door...or allow him to walk into it (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it) requiring calling his Mom and Dad to hurry home and rush him to the ER because it would not stop bleeding and required being glued back together (at least no stitches were required!!!)
Nope...I would never hurt an animal, or a small child!!!

3. I did not walk for an hour this morning....deciding that today is the day that I start cutting back and getting healthier
(I do this every Monday morning, you know)...then, go to a Mexican restaurant and eat an entire basket of chips all by myself!!! Nope, not me!!!

4. I did not look Jess right in the face and think I heard what she said...shaking my head up and down in agreement....and actually couldn't have repeated a word if my life had depended on it...of course my attention was brought to how I never listen!!!

5. I did not go downstairs to get Cool Whip out of the freezer..and discover...that when we went to the store last Tuesday...and Pappy said he would take the extra things and put them in the fridge in the basement....that he actually put them in the freezer...including a dozen eggs...nope...Pappy DID NOT freeze eggs!!!!

6. And, I did not eat about a dozen little orange candies figuring since I had already downed an entire basket of chips and salsa and chicken fajitas...I couldn't do any more damage!!!!

I know if I thought hard enough...there would be at least fifty more I could add...maybe next week!!!


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