Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joy Cometh in the Morning

Psalm 30:5a (KJV)
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
Have you ever been so sad that you thought you would never regain your joy. I guess what got me to thinking about this was my Mamaw's birthday celebration on Sunday. She turned 98, which is such an amazing thing in itself....but for me to be my age and still have a grandparent living...what a blessing!!!
Mamaw is getting feeble and it's very difficult for me to even think about loosing her. I've received some phone calls and e-mails in the past couple of days about deaths in our community....or those who are in the hospital not expecting to make it....or those who have hospice with them because they are in their final days. All of this makes me remember back to when I lost my Daddy. He was only 66 years old...but he was sick and weak and the grief and sorrow I felt was very selfish....I was only thinking of myself and my own loss....because, after all, Daddy was no longer hooked up to oxygen to make it easier for him to breathe...no longer gasping for breath....but is walking the streets of heaven and getting to sit at the feet of Jesus....and that makes me very happy...and a bit envious, too!!!
Was I able to just get over my grief in a short period of time? No....there are even times....almost 15 years later...that I still miss him so badly. I truly wish he could have known my nephew...who will turn 13 in about a week. And, he would have been soooo happy to have known his great-grandsons....to have known his own daughter as a Nannie!!! Yes, if I dwell on it...I still can get very sad!!!
If anyone reading this has suffered a loss thru death...and you're still in the grieving process (because yes, I do believe there are stages to our grief)....please know that it won't always be this difficult.
One day...when you least expect it...your "morning" will come....and your joy will return!
Please keep all of those who are going thru the death of a loved one in your thoughts and prayers. Don't think that just because it's been a few weeks...or even months...that they are getting "over it".
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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