Monday, September 14, 2009

Lick your calf over.....

Have you ever heard that expression....lick your calf over???
Well, I hadn't....until the lady I used to work for used it....and explained that it simply means that you have to do a job over again.
So...that being explained....I had to lick my calf over.
Remember my "Thank You, Martha" post where I explained how I did this:

Well....I put my dish washing liquid in it...and it started pouring out a little hole in the bottom of the bottle. ARGH!!! So....I cleaned it up...took it back to Hobby Lobby...and swapped it for this one...had to pay about $1.50 more...but I like it much better.

Wonder why I didn't just buy this one to start with?

Don't ask...I have no answer...other than....I seem to be having lots of "menopausal moments" these days!!!


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