Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday goes....letting y'all know just how crazy I really am...and giving you all something to smile/laugh/cry about on this early Monday morning!!!
1. I DID NOT.....get Jess' birthday present and go to Jess' house on Friday so that we could go have it framed. And...I DID NOT get up to the man to let him see the print so that Jess could pick out mats and a frame....and look down between the 2 pieces of cardboard....and realize that I DID NOT even have the print with me. And....I DID NOT go out in the pouring rain, using the cardboard as an umbrella to see if the print was in the back of Jess' van. And...I DID NOT call Pappy to look for the print behind the dresser where we stored it so it wouldn't get bent up. And...Pappy DID NOT find it behind the dresser...and he DID NOT put it in a plastic bag and bring it to us so that it wouldn't get wet.
Nope....that DID NOT happen to me!!!
2. I DID NOT go to Wal-Mart and look at the paint in the OOPS section and find a color that I thought might work for our bedroom. Then...I DID not go back on Saturday and look for it again...and wonder why in the world it had been moved from where I originally saw it and be disappointed because it had been sold. And....I DID NOT later on realize that I was in two completely different Wal-Marts.
Nope...I'm always on top of my game and know just where I'm all times!!!
3. I DID NOT....pick up a can of window cleaner and spray my hair with it, thinking I was using hair spray....and then wonder all day long why my hair was so flat on top!!!
4. And....and this one really isn't funny....but....I DID NOT...forget to write down about 5 different purchases that I made with my debit card...and then wonder why our checking account was overdrawn. NOPE....this NEVER happened...oh, how I wish it had never happened....
What's that saying about a mind being a terrible thing to waste....that's probably true....if you have a mind to waste!!!!!

P.S...please pray for me....seriously!!!

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