Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Piece of Advice.....

NEVER.....EVER....hang wallpaper if you're not ABSOLUTELY SURE....that you're gonna like it in 10're into stripping the stuff off your walls!!!

And...that ain't me!!!!

Well...I guess it is me....because....I stripped it off my den walls a couple of years ago....and also took down the border in the hallway back in the spring...but had never gotten around to taking it down from my "laundry". Now...I really....really.....really....wish I had a laundry room....instead.....I have a laundry closet. It's simply a closet behind bi-fold doors just big enough for the washer and dryer and a little rolly-thingie that sits between them that has drawers and holds "stuff". I'm not sure what possessed night a few weeks ago I sent out an e-mail asking if anybody had a "freebie"....or "cheapie"....cabinet that they were tripping over and would like to get rid of. My of Pappy's brothers....came thru with flying colors!!! He happened to have one that was taken down from his kitchen remodel!!! So...Pappy drove his trusty truck over there one day....and took it off his hands. I took the wall paper down...painted the walls....and....well....I'll let the pics speak for themselves!!!

I wish I had taken a picture of the hideous wallpaper that was in there....and also the border....which was also the same that was in my den. Well...maybe it's best you didn't get to see what terrible, terrible taste I had....I refuse to say "HAVE"!!! Do you ever look back at some of your past "tastes"...and wonder what in the world you were thinking at the time??? I promise I've never done drugs!! HA! HA!'s a picture of the cabinet that Pappy's brother and sis-in-law gave us:

I took several pics as I painted it...but as some of you know I get very "delete happy" I don't have the "in progress" pics to show!

Here's a pic of the cabinet after I painted it "oregano"....I love this shade of green. Then, I put a brown glaze over it and wiped it off, leaving it in the grooves. The glaze helps to tone down the base color and gives it an older look. I think the next time, I'll just use stain...because the glaze is very thick and you have to wipe it off....immediately....I learned that really quick!!!

A close-up look at the center section with the baskets that came from ABC Distributing...and the Laundry sign that I got at Hobby Lobby.....waited until it went half-price and got it for $5!!!

And...a look at the entire "closet"....not completely finished, or decorated...but, the white spots have been painted since this pic!!!
I really, really like it.
It is soooo neat now....which was what I was trying to accomplish!!!


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