Monday, November 30, 2009

A simple little gift....

Here's yet another chalkboard project.  I did this one for a birthday gift.  I found the metal trays at Dollar Tree.  I've only been able to find them at some of the larger stores.  They are with the wedding supplies.

Get thyself some chalkboard paint.  This came from Wally World!!!

Give the center of the tray a light sanding.  I really think I should have taken a bit more time and a coarser sandpaper for this and learn!!!  Then...paint the center of the tray with your will take several coats, so let it dry between each coat...or...dig out your blow dryer if you're in a hurry!!!  Wonder how I know that?!?!?

Then...tie on a pretty ribbon that matches the decor of the person who will receive the little gift....

There you have it....a simple little gift for somebody special!!!


  1. Can never see too many chalkboard projects! I'll look for those trays at my local Dollar store next time I'm out :)

    Thanks for linking up with Mi4M!

  2. Nice! Don't you just love chalkboard paint!

  3. a girl can never have enough chalk boards!
    love the ribbon!

  4. That is sooo creative ~ I'll have to get myself some of that paint. I saw it a few years ago and had forgotten all about it! I love it on the trays, so clever. Thanks for sharing. Judi


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