Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Strange Way to Save the World

Pappy and I watched "The Nativity Story" last Saturday night.  It had a lot added to it that wasn't actually in the Biblical account...but it made each of the characters so much more "human".....for example, Mary's parents, and how they handled the fact that their teenage daughter was pregnant.  Her Dad even asked her if it had been one of the Roman soldiers.  The most precious character, least to me....was Joseph.  Oh, poor Joseph....and how he felt when he found out that the one he loved was carrying a child that wasn't it took the angel appearing to him to comfort him and make him realize that Mary was indeed carrying the Christ he took care of Mary...and how she grew to love him because of his care and love and compassion towards her as they traveled to scared Joseph was when Mary told him she was about to deliver....and to see the look on Joseph's face as he delivered Jesus into the world...and placed him in Mary's arms.
I know all of this was speculation....but....I loved how it made each person so real and so special.
If you get a "The Nativity Story" this Christ-mas season.

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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