Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Up on the housetop.....

Up on the housetop workers climbed
To install a new roof by Christ-mas time
Off with the old and on with the new
The color's growin' on me....how 'bout you?

If you follow my other blog....Jeremiah 29:11....you know that we had to get a new roof. 
Well....as in most things....God had a plan!! 
We wound up going with a metal roof....because it has a 40 year warranty and I'll be 95 by then....and because that's what Pappy has always wanted....and....Pappy also chose the color!!!
Wanna guess what the color is?
What's one of my favorite birds?
Oh, besides owls, of course!!

Yep...our new roof....is....

(the actual color on the chart is "rustic"....
how fitting, right....since I love all things rusty!!!)

Any-who....here's a glimpse of our Christmas present....to each other!!! 
And, I just realized....that with a CARDINAL RED roof....you really don't need to do much more Christ-mas decorating!!!

Merry Christ-mas!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Pretty, brings out those red bricks on your house.

  2. Looks great! Do you have more pics you could email me? I want to show Randy how it all looks. I love the red. Were you happy with their work too?

  3. Looks great. We have a roof like that on my office but it is really noisy when it rains!

  4. Now,you are ready for winter. I know you will love the roof. My parents had a metal roof put on their house last year and their is hunter green.


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