Sunday, December 6, 2009

What every nativity needs

I've told you....I'm not much in the mood to decorate this year....probably a lot to do with this nasty sinus infection that I can't seem to shake.  Well....that's what I'm blaming it on anyway!  One night last week, we at least put out one of our nativity sets....or creche'.  Early Friday morning, our oldest grandson was spending some time with me....when he discovered the nativity set.  He asked me who every single character was....and every little decoration....and decided that Joseph needed to be moved so that people could get in and out of the door. 

But....look very closely in front of Mary and Joseph...and you'll see something a little out of place for over 2000 years ago.

See what I'm talkin' about?
A little forklift...that was being used to move the moss around.  I didn't have the heart to move I guess that's where it will stay....unless he decides to move it!!!

Christmas Blessings to you,


  1. Looks so very nice ~ I like the burlap bags, an interesting detailed touch! I wouldn't have the heart to remove the forklift either! Thanks for sharing. Judi

  2. How wonderful!!!!
    And you are playing the bing crosby music my dad used to play before we could come into the living room on christmas morning!!!!

  3. Just a little extra touch to the scene and you can say it was God made for he gave man the equipment to make it!

  4. precious. i love my little forklift driver!


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