Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Crafty Idea

If you like to do crafts....and use a lot of ribbon.....then now is the time to shop the 75% off after Christ-mas sales.  Just look for ribbons that aren't necessarily holiday ribbon...things that could be used year-round!!
Here are some samples of ribbon that I got to go in my craft stash. 
The bigger roll....was 25 cents (plus tax, of course).....the smaller rolls were around 30 cents.

You know how much I love cardinals (and owls).....but look at that roll on top.....

I think that would look great as trim around the bottom of a hand towel...or a kitchen towel
 (just for looks of course!!!)

This has absolutely nothing to do with ribbon...but....see that glimpse of a green plate in the pictures?
Well...if you follow my other blog...Jeremiah 29:11...then, you'll understand why I have that plate!!!

(p.s.....the larger roll of ribbon came from Dollar General Store...the smaller rolls, I got at Big Lots....and no....they're not paying me a dime to advertise for them....don't I wish!!!!)

Blessings to you,

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