Monday, April 12, 2010

My new.....

....go-to verse!!!!

You know that post I did last week about weight?  Well....a blogging buddy, Ms. Donna of Comin' Home left me a comment on that post (and check out her own post on the same topic)....and then I read in my Bible study one of the very concepts that she was trying to get across to me. 

Here is the statement that was in Me, Myself and Lies, by Jennifer Rothschild:

"Recognize that who you are and what you struggle with are not the same thing.  Just because you have failed at something doesn't mean that you are a failure."  "Keep telling yourself the truth about who you are.  You affirm who you are in God's Word and His Word only." is part of what Ms. Donna said:

"But we should never feel condemned because we have to struggle with food. Everyone has a struggle with something. It just doesn't 'show' on everyone."

She also said....

"Being overweight is no sin....but not obeying the Lord in everything is."

I know in my heart of hearts....that God is speaking to me about this....thru my Bible study....and thru Ms. Donna!!!   

Here's another comment from the Bible study.....
***What you really love, you focus on. 
What you really exalt, your thoughts always turn to."
 When I read this....I had to go back and re-read it.....then, read it again!!!

Here's what....and spoke to me!!!

I've never had a great lot of self-esteem.....well, not until the past few years.  It  took me quite a while to realize just how much God loves me.

You know the Bible verse John 3:16?
Well, I FINALLY took it personal.....and realized that He was speaking to me.....

"For God so loved Deb that He gave His only begotten Son".

Yep....He did that for EVEN ME!!!

So...back to the statement above.

"What you really love, you focus on"
I must love myself much more than I think, or realize....because I spend an enormous amount of time trying to please myself....thru food!!!
I suddenly realized Sunday self-centered that is!!!

"What you really exalt, your thoughts always turn to."

If my mind is on food so much of the pleasing myself....then I must be "exalting" me.....because my thoughts turn to food A LOT....and I mean....
A LOT!!!

This was a very humbling realization for me!!!

I never realized just how much of my focus is on myself....and I definitely didn't realize that I was exalting....well, me!!
If this doesn't really make any sense to you....then, let me give you an example.  Sometimes I feel I "deserve" an ice cream.....cake.....candy....cookies.
Now....tell that not a selfish thought?!?!?
And....have you ever stopped to think how every single occasion that we celebrate....revolves around FOOD?!?! 

Exodus 15:2 (NLT)
The Lord is my strength and my song;
He has given me victory.
This is my God, and I will praise Him—
My Father’s God, and I will exalt Him!

Notice in this doesn't say....
"He will give me victory".....
it says....
"He has given me the victory".

In other words.....the victory is already mine!!!
This is going to be my "go to" verse during this weight loss journey!!! 
Blessings to you!!! 

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Hi Deb..I'm so glad you are learning to understand the Lord's love for me. It was many years ago, that I finally realized that myself. Maybe it's why I don't fret a lot about failing. It's ok to mess up..just not to give up. Messing up is what we 'humans' do. Doing right is what God's grace empowers us to do. But our Heavenly Father loves us just the same. All we need do is ask, and he will help us.

    I'm so glad you understand that He loves you...that is why you are worthy..because of his love for you! Not because of anything you have done or failed to do. Have a great week!


  2. You may see your self one way but I see and I'm sure there are others who agree with me, see you totally different, a beautiful, spiritual, viberant, intelligent lady (young lady because you're young at heart). You have a gift a words and God loves you just as He loves me and anybody else. Remember what Pastor Jack said " He has no favorites, He loves us all equally!" I struggle with things and He just knocks on my noggin and tells me He loves me too. I love you and you are special to me. :)

  3. Good advise. : )

    Thank you for your prayers regarding my mom. She had the "cement" procedure done today. It looks good so far. Time will tell and so will God. He knows best. : )

    Take care,
    Mary Lou

  4. you know, i've never thought that. i think all the time. . .i deserve this or that. . .and typically it is food!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24