Monday, April 16, 2012

Chain Reaction Afghan!!!

Late last summer/early fall, I started an afghan and shared with y'all a few of the squares as I got them completed......

I actually finished it several months ago, but just haven't gotten around to tying up the loose strings on the back, or blocking she is!!!

I totally enjoyed learning several new stitches that I've never done before and like how it turned out.  I especially liked the "braid" around the outside edges.  I used this trim on a scarf that I made for a CHRISTmas gift!!!

You can find the pattern for this afghan as a free download at Interweave Crochet.



1 comment:

  1. that is just beautiful.
    came out fabulously!

    btw come check out our blog this week as it is OWL WEEK this week, with a free owl pattern every day.

    on an ongoing basis, we have a linky party that I'd like to invite you to. latest editions will always be posted here:


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