Monday, January 6, 2014

Are you S.A.D.....

Up until I quit work about seven years ago, I worked under fluorescent lights every day and didn't realize how depressing it could be to spend time day in and  day out with the sun not shining.  Obviously, the lights took the place of the sunshine!  Since I'm at home a lot, especially in the wintertime.....well, the cold gray days really get to me!!!  I know I'm not in this boat alone because my friend suffers from the same ailment!!
It's called S.A.D.....
Seasonal Affective Disorder

I guess it's probably the same thing that sometimes is referred to as the "winter blues".  

So....what's one to do to get thru these winter doldrums?!?
Probably different things work for different folks,
but here's a list of a few things that work for me!!!

1)  Know that you're not alone.
I posted a status on Facebook last week about how happy I was to see the sun.
I had lots of friends in agreement.
And, don't think that just us girls suffer from S.A.D.
A fellow in our Sunday School class was in agreement that even on the coldest of days, it makes all the difference if the sun will just shine!!!

2)  Turn on lights.
Now, I'm a pretty frugal person. really helps to turn on some lights in your home.....
and not just lamps.
Turn on the overhead lights in the room you're in at the time.

3)  Take a permitting....
and in my case, knee pain permitting!!!

4)  Listen to music.
Turn on your favorite music 
And, what's wrong with getting up and moving to the music?!?!
Have you heard "Shake" by MercyMe?
Now, that's a good one to get you out of your funk!!!

5)  Realize that it might be hereditary.
If your parent(s) suffered from S.A.D, 
then I think there's a greater possibility that you will, too.
In my case, I share this with my Mom.

6) Find a favorite scripture to speak out loud to help you thru the day.
I'm sure the old devil delights in us getting down and out about the weather so what would make him back off quicker than reciting God's Word?

2 Samuel 22:29
O Lord, you are my lamp.
    The Lord lights up my darkness.

7) And....if you don't have a problem with several cold, gray, dreary days in a row getting you down....then, consider yourself blessed!!
And, maybe say a prayer for those of us who do struggle!!!

Breathing in Jesus,



  1. Oh I am with you here, I am always turning lights on. Love your header picture btw. Happy New Year

  2. I like your recommendations. When we were having all the gloomy rainy days. I actually turned all the overhead lights on in the house and wore my flip flops while I cleaned and listened to beach music. If anyone had walked in, they would have called me crazy. But it worked. My office is in a basement underground with no windows and it gets so dreary especially since I take my lunch and don't go out all day. But my fantastic boss is building us a new office that we should be in by February and it has windows EVERYWHERE! I have a door and two big windows in my office. I can't wait for the move. But in the meantime....I'm keeping out a pair of flip flops.

  3. Great advice!! Another perk of living in Florida. We have sunshine most days!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24