Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sandpaper people.....

*ask - prayer
(often we don't receive because we don't ask)

I didn't go back and check, but I'm pretty sure that I did a past post on "Sandpaper People".
You know what I mean?!?!?......
those people who, for whatever reason, just seem to rub you the wrong way.
For quite some time God has been doing a work in my heart about grace.
This is obviously a lesson I truly need to learn because our pastor is doing a study on GRACE right now!!!
Because of the grace shown to us by our Heavenly Father.....
we're to show grace to others.

So, here's what I did......

I started praying for God to change my heart.....
'cause I'm pretty sure I can be like sandpaper to some people, too.....
and I also started praying God's blessings on those sandpaper people in my life.

And.....I've seen a change!!!

I take absolutely no credit.....
'cause there is nothing good in me.....
except Christ living in me!!!

God's working.....
He has a plan.....
He is AWESOME good!!!

Breathing in Your Grace.....
breathing out Your Praise!!!
Breathing in Jesus,



  1. Great message Debbie, I think it might be an issue we all need to work on. When He told us to love our neighbor as we love our self, He meant sandpaper neighbors too!

  2. Sounds as if you are thinking along the right lines, I should do so also. God Bless

  3. Deb, isn't it wonderful to see how He works when we start being obedient about asking? He's been helping me see the same sort of thing. There is a young woman I know that does not yet know Jesus and I pray for her everyday. A week ago her mother-in-law (who knows I pray every day for this young woman) shared something with me that showed us both that God is indeed working in this young woman's heart! It just encourages me all the more to pray for her salvation. And it is as you say...it isn't me that has changed anything...it is all Him working!

  4. A wonderful message and testament for us! Thank you!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24