Wednesday, May 16, 2018

{ Wednesday's Words - Old Sayings }

  "old sayings"!

Bite the Dust - Psalms 72:9
The Blind Leading the Blind - Matthew 15:13-14 
By the Skin of Your Teeth - Job 19:20
Can a Leopard Change His Spots - Jeremiah 13:23  
Cast the First Stone - John 8:7 
Drop in a Bucket - Isaiah 40:15 
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - Ecclesiastes 8:15 
Eye for Eye, Tooth for a Tooth - Matthew 5:38 
Fall From Grace - Galatians 5:4 
Fly in the Ointment - Ecclesiastes 10:1  
   Go the extra mile - Matthew 5:41  
The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil - 1 Timothy 6:10  
Nothing but skin and bones -Job 19:19-20 
The Powers that Be - Romans 13:11  
Pride comes before a fall - Proverbs 16:18 
Put words in one’s mouth - 2 Samuel 14:3 
Rise and shine - Isaiah 60:1 
Scapegoat (from the Old Testament Law) - Leviticus 16:9-10  
See eye to eye - Isaiah 52:8  
Sign of the times - Matthew 16:3  
Strait and Narrow -  Matthew 7:14 
Twinkling of an Eye - 1 Corinthians 15:52
There’s nothing new under the sun - Ecclesiastes 1:9 
Wash your hands of the matter - Matthew 27:24  
 Wit’s End - Psalm 107:27 
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing - Matthew 7:15 

One of my favorites.....
"Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.
Red sky at night, sailor's delight"
Matthew 16:2-3

And, one from my Momma.....
"If I live and nothing happens"
(which I find myself saying a lot in my old(er) age, too)

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Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. {{{Big smiles}}}} I had no idea about Matthew 16:2-3. smiles

  2. I did not know so many of these came from the bible!

  3. Enjoyed this. Oh I have so many sayings too that I have heard over my lifetime. One of my granny's favorite's was, "If there's a Will then there's a way". Have a good day dear friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh yes! Great post Debbie and I find myself saying "if it's God's will" a lot these days.

  5. Wow, these were all so good...and straight from God's Word. That is great! I am so glad you shared these with us. Very enlightening to see that they come from scripture.

  6. I LOVE this post!! Matthew 16:2-3 is one that I say every time there is red in the sky, whether morning or night!

  7. Lots of things come from the Bible that people say all the time and they don't even know it. : )
    Here is another one, though not quoted exactly its origin is Bible based. A little birdie told me.
    From Ecclesiastes 10:20 - for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24