Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wise Old Owl Designs!!!

I've posted a new "creation" on my Wise Old Owl Designs page above.  It's a belated birthday gift for Jess!!!  I've opened that blog back up, too.

Also, my Etsy shop is set up.....nothing listed yet.....but, it's set up....
that's a start, right?!?!? 
HOPEfully, I can list a few things soon....
if I don't get them sold first!!!

Thanks so much to all of you who have supported this endeavor.   

Ecclesiastes 9:10
Whatever your hand finds to do,
do it with all your might.

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Like your site and Wise Old Owls
    My grandchildren are always buying me more and my office at home is full of them.
    Look at my website

  2. Good luck with your etsy shop...it will be a great success!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24