Saturday, September 5, 2015

{ InstaFriday #6 }

This is my first time joining Ms. Tori for her InstaFriday link-up!
If you get a chance, please pay her a visit.
She's so precious and cute and I can't even believe she has grown kiddos, 'cause she looks like a teenager herself.  And, she has such a special heart for Jesus!  You can find her here.....

Our church celebrated our "Special Friends" this past SONday morning, and the service was so much fun.  Pastor Bruce read the story of David and Goliath and he used two of our friends to represent David and Goliath.  The workers were the soldiers, the rest of the Special Friends represented the Israelites, and the congregation, the Philistines.  Each time he said any of those words, we all had something to do/say.  The soldiers would tremble, the Israelites would cheer, the Philistines would boo, Goliath would show his muscles and David would baaa like a sheep.  This ministry holds such a special place in my heart, as Pappy is a part of their skits when they visit other churches.  But, it's not just that.....these "kids" (they are to me) are so unique and kind and you wouldn't believe the great hugs I get from them.
(by the way, that first fellow in the picture is Pappy)

It takes so little to be an encouragement sometimes.
My sweet  friend, Ms. Stephanie, from church left this message on my blog one day this week and I just had to share it and let her know how it touched my heart.  It actually made me cry!  

Jess returned from a dental appointment to pick up the kids and had a gift for me from the hygienist.  Ms. Tracy knows how much I love cardinals and she had bought this just for me.
God sends us little blessings in the most unique ways sometimes!

I received a text from one of my oldest friends.....
not in age, but in years we've known each other....LOL!!
She told me to check my mailbox and her hubby had left a gift from her with these little cuties inside!
She knew I hadn't been feeling well from the infection and wanted to cheer me up!

As I looked back over some of these things I shared on Instagram, I realized that I have been blessed with some really special ladies in my life.  I definitely need to remember that when I get on my pity pot and start feeling sorry for myself!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes He is!!!

Happy Saturday, All!!

Breathing in Grace,

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  1. What lovely gifts...your church is so pretty! Have a lovely Saturday, friend. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  2. I love your special friends day, what a great idea. You are so blessed to have such sweet friends. You must be a pretty special lady! BTW, I'm so glad you linked up.

  3. "God sends us little blessings in the most unique ways sometimes!"

    Your blog post was a blessing to me!

  4. What a beautiful week you had Mrs Deb! Loved getting to see a few glimpses of it. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend also!


  5. Yes, God is good all the time! What a blessing your friends are!! What a blessing YOU are!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24