Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{ Jump the gun }

I absolutely love old sayings and phrases. 
Pappy and I just talked about that recently, wondering where so many of them even come from.
Yesterday, I  pondered on cup of Joe.....
today, let's look at "jump the gun".

What made me even think of that phrase was when I was leaving a blog comment for Ms. Melanie.  It reminded me of my word for 2016.....

Be present.....
in the here and now.....
and don't over think, or over do, or 'jump the gun' making a decision!!!

How about you?
Can you already see your word coming into play in this New Year?

Jump the gun:
make a sudden, unexpected movement;
begin something before preparations for it are complete
'Jump the gun' derives from track and field races and was preceded in the USA by the phrase 'beat the gun' (or pistol).  


  1. Love stuff like this. Sometimes my husband and I talk about stuff like this. He always says not to take any wooden nickles.

  2. My word 'faithful' has really been a blessing for me so far. Yes, I'm always jumping the gun! Running ahead of myself and sometimes ahead of God. That's when I really get in trouble! Have a blessed day, my friend.

  3. (my word) "Unconditionally" is a work in progress, perhaps it is because I have not really truly embraced it. It seems I am always jumping the gun--my brain is always way ahead...have a beautiful day Deb...as always a thoughtful post. Thank you for taking the time to visit me...I keep on forgetting to say that.

  4. I haven't chosen a word yet...my mind has ceased to function! lol I am enjoying the explanation of these quirky sayings we use, I think it's funny how we (society) can pick up on something and it becomes a part of our way of communicating. Did you see my reply to your comment on my blog yesterday? Marvelous Monday, you used in your post and I used it in my post on the GLOW facebook page too! I think we were in sync once again. Love Ya!

  5. I am way behind on commenting. I did go to your FB page tho, and maybe I can keep up better. My word is DIFFERENCE and I pray that I can do that through out this new year. Be blessed my friend.

  6. My adopted 2016 word is JOY. I try to feel joy everyday, and reading your blog always adds joy to my life!!

  7. Early - The early bird gets the worm. Have tried all times of the day to have my quiet time with Father God, but early in the morning before anyone awakens and I have the kitchen to myself (I study my bible on the table so I can spread out) works best for me. This time jump starts my day.

  8. Earl - The early bird gets the worm. I have tried several different times of the day to do my quiet time and bible study, but early in the morning before my family awakens, on my kitchen table works best for me. I can spread my books and bible out, and be less distracted by the daily routines of life EARLY.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24