Thursday, January 14, 2016

{ Thrifty Thursday }

I love taking something old and making it "new" again by turning it into something completely different.  I've made little stuffed owlies for our grand-kiddos (well, I don't have Silas one yet) and for the back I used an old flannel shirt that belonged to my sweet Daddy.  That way they'll each have a little something that belonged to their great grandfather, whom they never got to meet....:(
 The feet and beak were from an old leather jacket that belonged to Pappy back in the day!!! ;-)

And, I made a purse out of that same old leather 

jacket of Pappy's and another I found on a sale rack at Goodwill.

You can click here for a tutorial on those.  

I took a pair of $1 yard sale shoes and painted little owlies on them. As you can see, painting/art isn't one of my talents because that little "Nannie owl" looks a bit deformed!! ;-)

  I recently came across a site that gave some really cute ideas for old sweaters......

Doorstops.....or just cute stuffed animals.
fermaporta in lana

Boot slippers out of the sweater sleeves and the bottoms of old!
boot slippers wook



Wool sweater bag roses handmade craft felted

And, TWENTY-FIVE ways to recycle old jeans......


(just click on the picture to go to the site)

Oh, mercy.....
so many ideas, so little time!!!

I better get off here and get to work!

HOPE everybody has a Terrific Thursday.....

stay safe and warm!

(don't forget tomorrow to get your picture ready for tomorrow's Friday Foto Friends)


  1. I love to repurpose things!! Your pillow and purses are sweet! I really like those sweater sleeves and flip flop bottoms!

  2. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all those ideas, you have such talent, Deb...have a beautiful Thursday, friend.

  3. Such a talented lady! The purse from the leather jacket is adorable! Have a blessed day, my friend.

  4. Those bootie slippers from old sweaters and flip flops are Awesome! Thank you for sharing all these great ideas.

  5. Awe Deb...I love everything that you do girl! You are so creative! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. I'm in love with the shoes! Just so cute!! You are so creative!! ((hugs)) Love Ya!

  7. Such cute designs from left-over items. You are so smart to be able to do those things. Blessings to you my friend.

  8. Wow - you are so creative and the painted owls look great! Thanks for sharing your work and the other great ideas you found!


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